Any thoughts regarding Geranium x oxonianum forms?

Ispahan Zone6a ChicagoMay 15, 2014

Since the Geranium forum is all but defunct I thought I would start a discussion here. Anyone here know or grow any of the various forms of Geranium x oxonianum? CMK shared her experiences with 'Southcombe Double' in another thread, and it inspired me to start this new one!

I grow 'A.T. Johnson', 'Rebecca Moss' and 'Wageningen', and I just recently added a single plant of 'Summer Surprise'. With the exception of 'Summer Surprise', which is too new to evaluate, they have been reliable performers for me. They will bloom all season, can be cut back if needed and are extremely easy to divide with fine fibrous roots (nothing like the woody taproots of other types). They are excellent filler plants and just seem to "do" when nothing else really will. So far, I have not found any seedlings from these. Keep in mind that my gardening style is quite informal so I don't mind a little ranginess, but imagine some people could find them a bit "messy" by the end of summer if not cut back. But for wildflowery, truly old-fashioned charm, these cannot be beat!

I just looked over the updated 2012 Hardy Geranium Trial results from the Chicago Botanic Garden. None of the oxonianum geraniums received a 4-star rating (excellent) but several achieved a 3-star (good) rating:

'A.T. Johnson'
'Lady Moore'
'Rebecca Moss'
'Southcombe Star'
'Summer Surprise'

One of my personal favorites, 'Wageningen', never completed the trial because the plants were stolen (!).

I can't be the only one interested in these plants, right? Come on...start talking! :-)

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Hi ishaphan,

I just started with them, my favorit nursery had them in their catalogue. I used some in my own garden as edging plants, planting last fall, did a small perennial border for a private client using Rebecca Moss as ground cover (with G album Apfelbluete, a light pink on) last fall plus did another private garden, planted this April, using it for a large area as groundcover, dotted with single tall fern and Helleborus foetidus (native here and thriving on heavy soil).

So now I am curious and slightly anxious how they perform, as I test drive them in someone else`s garden...

I didn`t know that they divide easily, that`s a great plus.

My garden is somewhat organized without being hoovered-clean-no-hair-out-of place, so they should fit in well.

And I also did not know that there are so many varieties, I had a hard time getting hold of Rebecca Moss when ordering from a different nursery for the larger project.

And I relocated a "Rosenlicht" from that last project in order to monitor it closely in my garden. It is a clear, strong pink, by a German breeder, Klose, who died some years ago and bred some Hostas as well, Fulda is his, if I remember correctly.

So, let`s see how they do.

Do you happen to have pics of more mature plants like 3 years olds? that would be so great.

Have a nice week end (mine hopefully includes some editing of perennial borders and Dahlia planting)
bye, Lin

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o, sorry, I see, I mangled your name, ispahan

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