WeedEater fuel line replacement

mlintonAugust 24, 2006


I have a WeedEater model GTI 15T. It was sitting in a box unused for years, never used. When I used it the first time, it worked fine but was leaking gas. I noticed the fuel lines had disintegrated. I obtained new fuel lines from a local store. There are two holes in the bottom of my fuel tank where I inserted the two lines.

On one line I attached the fuel filter, on the other line I attached a white plastic adapter (that was on the disintegrated line). I'm not sure how long the lines inside the tank should be. I also don't know what to detach on the weedEater for better access to attach these lines.

Thanks, Marilyn

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I was recently working with the lines on my Homelite.

The one with the filter should be long enough to rest in the fuel tank. The other, which may go with the primer bulb, should also be long enough that the end would be down in the fuel. Mine are easy to see and get to. I am not familiar with how the Weedeater lines are run.

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wise_guy(NW MN)

Sometimes that "white plastic adapter" is actually a fuel tank vent that will alow air into the tank but will not allow air out that is less than about 1.5 psi. Basically it holds slight pressure in the tank for carb fuel feeding.

If that "adapter" is a vent after all:
You'll want the line for the fuel filter to be long enough as to allow it to hang down in the fuel and able to roll around in there to best find the fuel at different trimmer angles. The other line should not be in the fuel, it should only be 1/2" down from the top of the tank.

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The smaller (in diameter) of the two lines is your main feed line. It runs from the filter in the tank to the bottom fitting on the carb. The larger of the two lines goes from the bottom fitting on the air purge bulb to the tank. The white plastic piece goes on the line in the tank- this piece keeps the line from "blowing" out of the tank when you push the purge. There is also a short piece of line that goes from the top nipple on the carb to the top nipple on the purge bulb.

When you push the bulb, the fuel should draw from the tank through the small diameter line to the carb- from the carb to the bulb- and then it is pushed back to the tank.

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Thank you all very much for your advice. From the posts I now understand that the line with the fuel filter should be long enough to roll around in the tank to access gas. When I emptied out the contents of my fuel tank, it only contained only one long piece of tubing. I am assuming this was attached to the fuel filter. Since the tubing enters the fuel tank from the bottom, in order for the line with the white adapter(vent) to not be in the fuel it needs to be long also, so what keeps it from falling over into the fuel? The short piece of line that goes from the top nipple on the carb to the top nipple on the purge bulb is intact and I won't replace it. It appears to be very stiff and is of a larger diameter than the lines I have.
Thank-you for your help,

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I installed the fuel line this weekend and it works GREAT! I had to remove the fuel filter and carb in order to connect the fuel lines. I did have to replace the line that goes from the top nipple on the carb to the top nipple on the purge bulb; it turned out to be the same diameter as the larger diameter line. I also had to replace the old 10 year old cutting line because it would not advance.
Thanks for your very helpful advice. Marilyn

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Hi! All you have to do is replace the fuel lines with a good hose that is meant to endure gasoline exposure for long periods. I use Tygon. You will probably need a foot of 3/32 ID x 3/26 OD and a foot of .08 ID x .14 OD. There are many folks who can sell this to you through ebay. Just do a search, and they should come up for about $4 delivered and including postage. Also, when you feed the new fuel line through the gas tank, try cutting it at a tapered angle. This makes it much easier when feeding it through the whole, and since the line is a little larger than the whole, you will get a good seal. Replacing the fuel line should be pretty easy from this point, and you might even want to replace that fuel filter too!



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Replace fuel line on Weed Eater Trimmer. Since most trimmers are same, it may apply to other trimmers as well.


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I picked up some fuel hose at Lowes for my Husquavarna weed wacker. 2 Bucks It was a fairly easy job to replace it too.

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I have a craftsmen weedwacker and I replaced the carburetor and I need a diagram of the fuel lines can anyone help

thank you
Bob model 316.796150

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Please give me some feed back on my related post on page #1, "Will all trimmer's primer bulbs work the same?"

A reply to rcrown@charter.net:

Fuel line diagram link below: The fuel line on the Craftsman Weed Whacker probably could have been replaced w/m removing the carb. It was straight forward 2 ports (carb and primer bulb, 2 holes in tank that could serve either port. The challenge is getting the line into the tank. Simple! Cut the line at a thin angle 1" or less that will slide into the tank and push with needle nose pliers or tweezers in needed. You should see enough line in the tank to pull the full dia the length you need (with needle nose pliers or tweezers)into the tank which seal to the tank from being tight.


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We have a weedeater XT200 weedeater that we need hose for to replace the fuel line but have no idea the size or where to buy a1starfire@aol.com

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1. Take good pics as a ref of where the lines are connected before removing them & share them.

2. Take pieces of the old line with you or take the trimmer to the Parts/Repair/Shop.

3. As mentioned, Home Depot & Sears has a universal kit that fits many @ 3.00 vs 2 per ft.

4. If info is not listed above there is probably a video & text if you search your model.

Good luck! loger

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