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bibbus(7b)April 26, 2014

Last fall I dug up an area with Bermuda grass and possibly other weeds. I didn't want to dispose of the soil and I got as much of the Bermuda out of it as I could see. I left it outside in plastic Wal-mart bags (double bagged) during the really cold winter. Two questions. What happens to soil in a plastic bag over several months (five in this case) when it is bagged up. Some air can get to it and possibly moisture. Do the living things - the micro-organisms - in the soil do ok or does the soil lose its nutrients/health from being in plastic? What about the really cold weather - it got to 0 a couple of times here and was the coldest winter on record in many years. Does that affect the soil? It was stored against a brick wall in shade but above ground. Just curious.

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The Soil Food Web, the bacteria and other wee critters in soil will go dormant when temperatures drop below those they prefer to work in, so they would not need air or moisture until such time as the temperatures rose and they started working again.

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I doubt it affected it very much at all. Go ahead and use it somewhere.

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