is my air compressor regulator ok?

rbigAugust 9, 2009

I have one of the common split tank air compressors (Campbell-hauser) someone just gave me.

I notice it has a regulator on the output. Does that regulate hose pressure?

The regulator seems to bleed off air continuously, when it's not at full pressure. And yes, that would be a way to regulate hose pressure.

This means the compressor has to always follow the pressure bleed, and it makes it run continuously.

When max pressure is set on the regulator, it doesn't bleed any air off. This way the compressor can keep the tank filled when I'm not using the air.

Is my regulator faulty, or is this the way it should work?

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Your regulator is bad. It should only bleed off when you are lowering pressure (turning knob). Hope this helps.

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