powerback generator problems

jerry07August 5, 2010

I have a powerback 5250 generator with a 10hp tecumseh motor on it. It will not start unless I mess with the carb every time. Is their some type of vacuum that functions as a gas pump on it or what? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Jerry : Please advise of what messing with the carb entails !

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Most likely it's varnish in the main jet.

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I have cleaned it several times already, So I know it has to be clean, But thats what I usually do. Or I can take the plug out sometimes and put gas on it after you get it to fire once or twice then it will run. After it starts it will all day, but until then its a hassle. Its like the float is stuck closed let letting any fuel thru so it will fire for the first time. I had a pressure that done the same exact same brand of motor just fewer hp.

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Jerry: As I always advise the only way to clear up this problem , add concentrated fuel cleaner directly within a fresh tank of gas. Then start by removing both high and low speed jets and inspecting same . if you have a small gauge wire or torch tip cleaner carefully clean the jet orifice . Then spray some carb cleaner through the jets and replace and adjust as normal . After approx. 30 minute give the float bowl a few taps with the handle of a large screwdriver to assist with freeing up a potential stuck float needle valve. You may have to attempt starting more than once , once started let it fast idle (Choke) until the cleaner get a chance to reduce the gumming or debris within the carb circuit. Once it starts to load up , turn off the choke and let it warm up without load . Once warmed up , trial it further with a valid load test to ensure governor action functions properly also . If this does not resolve your issues you will have to remove the float bowl after draining same and inspect that the needle valve is moving freely and may also have to remove same to inspect and clean-out this orifice as previously instructed . In the future ensure to store your generator with stabil additive and use carb cleaner / conditioner annually during 1st start-up .

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Where can I buy a new carb for my generator? 10hp tecumseh. It will only run on full choke. Carb has been clean up.

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