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Desirai(7B)May 13, 2014

Hmmm. my orange wallflowers are producing seedpods, however my pink one is not. Does anyone know if some wallflowers are sterile? In the picture, the pink wallflower is on the very right, sort of cut off in the picture.

I threw out a handful of "mixed dianthus" seeds last year, and this year I was greeted with a huge amount of wallflowers and dianthus mixed together.

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Campanula UK Z8

Well, there are wallflowers and wallflowers. Your orange ones look like the classic Siberian wallflowers, e.allionii and will do better sown as annuals but those long blooming Bowles mauves - sterile. And various hybrids which have been appearing on the market. Of course, this is not necessarily a bad thing since sterile plants invariably bloom for far longer than their fertile relatives - classic case is the Rozanne geranium). However, regardless of whether they set seed or not, most wallflowers are solidly perennial and will return happily, year on year. The ripping them out spring bedding thing is a bit of an industry con (as, in fact, are many of these tender bedding plants which are sold as annuals). I leave mine to do their spring thing, flopping around under the tulips and such, chopping them back after flowering.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Campanula - the one on the right doesn't look like Bowles Mauve to me. It seems to be just one of the many colours of the normal wallflower, Erysimum cheiri. However, I agree the the orange ones look like to Siberian wallflowers. I should think the pinkish one will produce seed pods eventually.

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Reason I ask for seeds is cuz I put pollen from the pink one onto the orange one and vice versa.

Here's some close up pics

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Campanula UK Z8

Oh,yes, I know none of these are Bowles Mauve - was using that as an example of sterility in wallflowers. Mine are still cheerfully flowering but have not set seed pods yet so I expect you are quite correct.
Mmmm, Desirai - there are some interesting hybrids around, so why not have a go yourself?. Some of them have quite odd colouring. I have one unfortunate specimen - a pasty affair with bland flowers which mutate from an apricot colour to a rather pallid purple.....and to cap it all, it has variegated leaves so has a feeble nature. This one will be leaving the garden this year. Love the orange though.

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