Snowblower value?

chris055(3)August 14, 2010


First time posting. Recently relocated to rural MN, average snowfall is 41 inches and figure I need a snowblower.

I have a gravel driveway approx 100 ft long, plus a loop

in front of garage. The main road is a paved county Rd and

neighbor says it gets plowed frequently, so I just need

to handle driveway and what the plow pushes up.

Need some advice on buying a used Simplicity 8560E machine,

it is 8.5h / 24" cut with elec start. Machine is about 1 yr

old and in excellent shape. Local dealer has it on consignment, to sell it for widow of old deceased customer.

The asking price is $899. Dealer is willing to transfer

warranty. So, is this a decent deal and handle the task?



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In PA, you can buy a good used unit for an average price of $250-300 from a homeowner. However, they are seldom 1 year old and not a Simplicity.

I would feel good if I bought that blower for 75-80% of an exact replacement in new condition.

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How much is it new? If its in the $1200 range then why not just buy it new? If its $2000 new then $900 is a good deal. Used = Uncertainty. Do you know why the original owner is selling it? What if he sold it because it was unreliable. Are you willing to take that risk? Those are the questions that would be important to me. How do you know the previous owner died. How do you know the dealer does not tell that story to everyone that walks through the door? Used = Uncertainty. When you buy used, demand a HUGE discount, not just a couple of dollars. Did the dealer also refer to it as a 'cream puff'? Forget about the warranty--dealers today blame every problem on ethanol gas-and they dont cover anything. Take my word for it. Ask him if he will take it back for a full refund 60 days AFTER the first snow fall. If he will, then he is very confident its a good machine.

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Chris: The Unit you are referring to is a Good Commercial Grade Unit . The Price is about average . Retails around $1000.00 to $1299.00 in most States. As advised ask him the full reimbursement Period if dissatisfied ?

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