Are there City Firewood Storing Ordinances in most US Cities

loger_gwAugust 15, 2013

Are there City Firewood Storing Ordinances in most US Cities (related to how much firewood you can store and how)? I checked my Citie's Web Site and did not find any info. If it's related to other matters, the Code Book comes out when a neighbor complains.

My effort has been to keep my 3 cords elevated 18" off the ground and staked neatly. My disadvantage is all Chain link fence exposing the wood. So far my neighbors on both sides have tried to steer me to more good Oak, knowing I have my personal limit. I feel the tradeoff is security since I work outside most days and report any unusual activities. Except one neighbor specifically told me she buys and burns bundles vs any storing. She did offer me the remainder of a cord (that I put on the curb for her due to decay). The Good Part is I'm her Personal Security and Helping Hand when needed also (after 40 yrs).

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A few years ago I was in Houghton, Michigan, for a summer music festival. We drove past many houses, and each one had a wood pile that stretched 100 feet or so. Houghton is on the upper peninsula of Michigan, so it is about as far north as you can get in the lower 48 states. The winters are long and cold.

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Houghton Lake also has a great Winter Carnival that I visit annually . The Ice Fishing Derby is a attraction creating a Population Boom. Walleye fishing is at it's best on the Ice. Iron wood is a Species of Hardwood that is in abundance within this area and a very dense firewood. I live approx. 200 Miles further North and on occasion have cross border hunted for Deer within the Houghton District during Bow and Blackpowder seasons . Ericwi have you visited Oshkosh during the Air Show ?

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Yes I have been to the Oshkosh airshow, and I used to belong to the EAA. After several visits over the years, it started to get repetitive, and I gradually began to lose interest. But I still look up when the B-17's and B-24's fly over Madison, on their way north to the airshow. The rumble they make sounds like nothing else.

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A Small World! I helped a friend take a small military aircraft w/o the wings, engine etc. into his home to rebuild/restore from the show. Our connections was that he had learned to rebuild VW engines that the aircraft used or similar from us rebuilding VW engines.

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tom_nwnj(z6 NJ)

Adirondack Park region of NY State gets pretty cold in winter (-30F to -40F). Wood piles are pretty big. One guy I was talking with several years ago told me that as a kid they would get 40 cords each season, just for their house.

Never heard of limits there, except that you are not supposed to move firewood any large distance (invasive bugs, etc.)

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