Run chainsaw w/o auto oiler?

chas045(7b)August 20, 2013

I have an ~10 year old McCulloch Mac3200 chainsaw. I hear that they have a bad rep. but this one has always started right up for me. I also hear that parts aren't likely available. It stopped auto oiling the other day. I cleaned things up and I believe I got some oiling for a tankfull but it stopped again. I made sure lines were clear and the bar was clean and after no success, I took the saw apart to see what the oil pump looked like. It turns out to be a sealed unit. AS far as I can tell, it wasn't working. I spun the engine with an air tool to see if there was movement in the oil line. I only ran it a couple seconds becauseI was afraid the engine wasn't being lubed normally.

When I finally got it back together on the off chance it was working, I got it started and revved up a little but I must have knocked things out of adjustment and I couldn't keep it running, but again saw no evidence of oil movement.

So: assuming I can get the engine readjusted and the pump has truly failed (and I can't find a cheap pump); can I manually oil a chainsaw with an oil can or something?? Someone on line somewhere said they did this but it seems to me if the saw was running, all the oil would be thrown off before it got to the bar.

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Since parts are going to be hard to find, I think it is time for a new chainsaw.

I personally would not manually oil a chainsaw.

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1. I have had success back flushing the oil tank at the oilâÂÂs port at the bar with cheap solvents (paint thinner, etc) to try to rem restricting sawdust etc.

2. If all fails and the manual oiler is not working on the saw, add oil as needed with a pump can or into the cut.

3. I was taught to treat the saw as if the oilier is not working; a sign of oil is my goal.

4. Manually adding oil is not bad if a saw is running well and just need bar oil.

5. Many people use their used motor oil at this point, I use the cheap bar oil, Opinoins!!

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You can manually oil with a pump can. Biggest problem is forgetting to oil regularly and overheating the chain and/or bar.

I have on old John Deere 81 (Remington) with a manual pump which quit. Saw is so old, parts aren't available, but it otherwise runs well and has a good chain. So I feed it bar oil with an oil can.

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