Echo PE-2400 With Weak Spark

homegrown55(9)August 10, 2013

According to my spark tester, the unit (a power edger) is producing a weaker than normal spark. It tests OK outside the engine but does NOT appear to be firing inside. Of course this has resulted in a no start condition. Which would be the most likely culprit for the weak spark: 1. Weak magnets in the flywheel (there are 3 and the 2 outer ones are is very weak) 2. Failing or weak ignition coil module....or BOTH!
A good spark on an Echo SRM-210 lights up my tester like Sunshine, but testing this PE-2400, the result is about half as bright!
It is getting fuel. I have not yet done a leakdown test . This unit has low hours on it and had very little carbon in it anywhere. There is No engine or piston scoring either.

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Experiment Ideas:

1. I have both in my experiments working but have not checked to see if any parts will exchange. Have you?

2. Otherwise there was A Rule Of Thumbs as to what socket a magnet should hold (you might experiment). I have not seen a bad magnet vs a rusty one since the mid 60s.

3. My Echo PE2400 will not run with the original kill switch connected. I installed a 2nd to ground that works w/o looking for orig problem. You might disconnect your kill as an experiment. With some fire it is probably OK.

4. Have you tested the spark plugâÂÂs wire compared to others X resistance?

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Hi Loger...Thanks for reply

  1. I have checked parts compatibility and closest thing I have to try is an Echo SRM-210. It utilizes a different flywheel and coil however. The only other flywheel I have has a worn out key and weak magnets also.
  2. Yes, after doing some research, the magnets should be able to pull in a small 1/4" screwdriver blade from 3/4 to One Inch away. The socket test was for a 1/2" socket I believe and it was joked about for which size drive.
  3. The resistance test on the plug wire seemed to yield an infinity reading but I am not so sure my multimeter is acting correctly because it showed the same on a known good coil.
  4. I used an inline spark tester (cheap one) in dim light and even in very dim light, the test light lit up DIM; much dimmer than when I pulled the starter on the SRM 210. I am going to try a different coil and will post results.
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The culprit in this Echo adventure turned out to be a weak ignition coil. It was replaced with another used coil. The concern over the 2 weaker magnets in the flywheel is still an interest, but after changing out the coil module; it fired up and ran. This was done after I verified the flywheel key was in good shape. I had seen this before on these little Echo's and the spark tester verified the problem. The machine actually started up ON the bench with the spark tester installed inline and ran like it wasn't even there.

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