B&S 5hp horizontal shaft 1993

shadowraithAugust 8, 2014

Was given an MTD cultivator model 213-340-000. Basically when I got it I found someone had stripped most of the linkages and springs off.The B&S model is 135202-0132-01. As I'm sure that some of you know that if you have never seen the links and springs attached correctly guessing is a very long road. I don't have any idea what I need. I do have the parts 135200 book, the Operating and Maintenance manual. All from B&S. Also have owners manual for the MTD cultivator. If you have been where I am now you know it drives you nuts. Does anyone have an ideas or advice? What I do know is the carb mounts on the gas tank and the throttle cable mounts below the gas tank. I have the bell crank which mounts on the side of the carb. I have the throttle link which connects to that and the governor link which connects to the toothed rack below the gas tank.That's about it. Please help if you can. Thank you John

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Please post some good close pictures where your needs are. B&S were the most friendly engines IMO for general use before the small engine technology became high tech and world competitive.

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Apparently I can upload only one picture at a time??

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I've got a few.

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Any ideas yet?

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From what I'm reading you should have all the repair manuals but maybe not the visual info you need. If this is the case, I would suggest the following along with finding that retired handyman neighbor that will share his skills. Have you rebuilt a similar situation or watched a similar situation? I learned in the 60s to watch critical task over an experienced TechâÂÂs shoulder before challenging tasks to save some frustration, pain and money in some cases. I Value Experienced Hands On Observations Even Today (due to high tech tips I have not experienced).

1. I would suggest you get permission to take some pictures at your local small engine repair shop or small engine scrap yard to get some visual pics to assist you.

2. Search for some youtube videos that will assist you and assembled diagrams. Some youtube authors will let you contact them for specific request. That might be possible at the address below if you search it.

3. I hope others will share some personal actual pics of the âÂÂChallenged Assembledâ or links. One attachment per post is correct unless you are into URLs posting. I try not to post over 2-3 pics (of specific views requested or sharing) when I d/n go the URL method.


Here is a link that might be useful: Possible Help

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Do you have the SERVICE manual?
You want 270962, right at the top of the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Service manual link

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Oops! Do some preliminary test on the engineâÂÂs condition to know it was not stripped as a parts engine due to its condition. Check for compression, condition of crankcase oil (no metal and feel of wear before TDC) and fire as it is if a head is on it or look close at the cylinder wall for damage. ItâÂÂs unusual to strip a good engine.

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I managed to find this picture on the web which looks like it might be the right one. Of course the forum it was attached to is from 2011 and closed so no follow up on that.
I've spent hours looking on the web with pretty much no luck. Tried B&S that was a waste of time. The picture I enclosed is from a cultivator. If I can ID the parts I'll probably go with that and keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for your help. John

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One last question. On the above pic with numbers on it. If anybody has a p/n for any of the above. That would be helpful. One thing I noticed is the items I'm missing all seem related to the speed, choke, and throttle control. Have the governor link from the bell crank to the rack below the gas tank, have the governor spring. If anyone has anymore idea's. I'm game. Did check the rest of the engine and it seems okay. Have all the manuals. Saw a lot on YouTube.
Again thanks for your help. John

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I saw the full breakdown and part #s but have not gotten back there. I did try to enhance your Pis a little. When you mentioned manuals, I felt all parts were showing disassembled with part #s. What I saw even show the cost of each part.

A parts diagram might be an easy link for someone to share soon.

Do you have enough parts to start the engine and fine tune later?? Personally, I would start the engine with the minimal parts before putting too much time to find a hidden reason for the stripped engine later. I would be concerned if the Case components are in good or fair conditions (cyl, crank, valves, and valve seats), Ignition fire components (coil, flywheel, etc), and Fuel components (the carb is in fair condition). I had an uncle that d/n believe in rebuilding mowers after X # of hours of use cutting yards in his business. After showing him how to rebuild one of his many parked mowers, âÂÂI saw his point from the wearâÂÂ.

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You need a link as below but to your B&S vs this TB. You might search this site with your #s and find a good diagram or Etc..


Here is a link that might be useful: Diagram/parts example

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This is just one utube video. There is others too. I always search utube to get visuals. They have so many videos. I hope this is the right 5 hp linkage. Maybe you could ask a couple neighbors if they have any too and just take some pictures of theirs.

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