Craftsman Platinum Mower model 917.376536 runs choked only?

loger_gwAugust 28, 2013

What would cause a Craftsman Platinum Mower model 917.376536 to run choked only?

1. If I manually choke it vs it choking itself it runs as long as itâÂÂs choked.

2. It appears something is missing that should cause it to choke, what would that be?

3. Running with the choke on is typically a sign of sucking air but from where with good fuel lines and carb connection?

4. We added fresh fuel with a little carb cleaner added but d/n run it over :10.

5. Fuel runs good with the bowlâÂÂs float dropped, could it still be a swollen seat restricting fuel w/o chocking?

6. Any opinions?

This mower was on what I thought was a scrap metal collectorâÂÂs truck that sat on the curb the last two nights. Seeing the owner, I asked if it ran and he said it did and just stopped. I asked if he wanted to donate it and he replied no due to the 400.00+ he said it cost and would like to get it repaired. Seeing the electric start self propel and Etc I felt it cost $400.00 + and could possibly be in warranty. After seeing how I could make it run, heâÂÂs taking it back to Sears to see if they will help him.

Due to asking for it as a donation, I was embarrassed enough to do the quick troubleshooting and he is to let me know what Sears suggest or Etc..

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My guess Probably needs something my girlfriend use to need ever so often????? DiaPhramn. Or maybe gummed up/dirty main jet Which IMO choking would lean out the mixture letting it run, but not full power due to the limited air. either way Sears mech. probably going to say carb. need rebuilt. That way covers all the bases and gets the full charge for carb. repair IMO of course which means Absolutely nothing.....

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If it's a Tecumseh engine, it's the main jet (bowl nut) probably, or other varnish inside the carb. If it runs, clean the main jet, put a good dose of carb cleaner in the tank and run it with the choke closed. It may clean up by itself.

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Thanks baymee! The maim jet is my first thought to inspect which was clear but I h/n seem a bolt with two or I would have spotted them. The bolt was too short to start almost. I feel he is on a good path with fresh fuel and carb cleanser if he runs it before going top Sears. I have learned that I d/n know it all and that all are not interested in their needed repairs. Enough Said!

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Huuuuum Very Interested ....Very Interesting Indeed ! :)

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