Whats the best oil to add to gas

johnmcafee_99(z6 MO)August 24, 2010

The oil at the supper stores for chain/weed eaters etc is a low grade of oil. What is the best oil that money can buy to add to a gal of gas for my chainsaw/weed trimmer/leaf blowers? Thanks Mc!

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masiman(z7 VA)

I like the full synthetics. I first used Stihl HP (non-synthetic) and then HP Ultra (full synthetic) Stihl 2 Cycle Oils. I was happy with both of them. I have since moved on to Klotz R-50, another full synthetic. If you do a search on Klotz, you'll find alot of 2 cycle motor heads run it (snowmobiles, dirt bikes, race chainsaws, etc.). The Klotz website is not the most helpful in getting you in contact with a dealer. I number of folks I know of have purchased through KlotzlubeMN. A guy named Rick in Minnesota that sells it. I'm not sure if it is a side hobby/job or his only job. Good guy to deal with none the less. You can probably find his phone on the web, but his email I think his email is Klotzlubemn@aol.com.

There are alot of other good oils out there. These are just the ones I have experience with.

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Joh: The 1st time I used Klotz was back in 1976 Racing Snowmobiles in Ironwood Michigan. Dick Trickle (From Nascar Fame) was Racing for the Mercury Factory Team. Met him in Mercer Wisconsin (Border Town) of Ironwood Mich. Over a few Beers he indicated since he went from Independent to Factory he had dropped his support from Klotz. He further advised that Klotz was introducing a Incentive Program for Independant's who would Support their Program (Winnings x 2) . Since at the Time I was Running a Yamaha "Thunder Jet Pro Mod" along with Teamate Jim Adema which also had a Incentive Program for Non_Sno-Pro (Factory) Members , I jumped at the Opportunity . The Oil then was a Caster Based Premium Pre-Mix Racing Oil (Klotz "R") vs Yamaha's Yamalube Ultra-XT (Factory Proprietary) . As Mas has indicated even back then Klotz was a World Class Supplier of 2-Stroke Performance Oils. After being introduced to their Product I utilized it within Enduro and Moto X Racing Semi-Pro Division Series Participation in Dayton Ohio & Peterborough Ontario Invitationals , actually dropping my Supplier (Bel-Ray) another Quality 2-Stroke Product . Even today I use Klotz within my Older Pioneer Chain's Saws (1967-69 Vintage). However I must admit I used Stihl Ultra on my "NEW" MS-361 until the break-in Period was Over lol .

Note: Ok so much for the History Lesson ! Today I fully Support Amsoil both Mineral Based and Full Synthetic . I used within Air-Cooled Snowmobiles , Snow-blowers , Motorcycles , Electrical Generators , Chainsaws and Weed and Bush Trimmers and Lawnmowers. Other than my F-250 Diesel (Rotela-T) I use it even in 4-Stroke applications as listed above within Snow-blower and Generator & Motorcycle (Harley) Usages. There are numerous Quality Oils out there if you recognize the Spec's req'd for your application . The Convenience Factor is normally the deciding Factor . What can you Buy within Your Price Range and Locality . Just Buy the Best You Can Afford ! _

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In the Pro Chainsaw circles, Stihl ULTRA is top.

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masiman(z7 VA)

I think Stihl Ultra is probably the most widely used of the full synthetics but I would not necessarily say it is top. Amsoil has some users. Klotz is a kind of secret handshake oil. Something used by those in the know. There are some that use and stockpiled Mobil 2T before it left the market, which many prefer over Stihl Ultra. They still hunt the remaining quarts in out of the way places.

Like ewalk said, there are numerous quality oils out there. Don't cheap out a couple dollars a year on a hundreds of dollars piece of equipment.

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Is the Echo oil any good? I got a large container of it from Depot earlier this spring.

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Jop: Yep Echo both in Mineral and Synthetic Blend another Top Shelf Oil , I believe Citgo Manufactures it . Another very Good Oil is Opti-2
I used it a few times in Weed-eaters and Chainsaw
use that a Customer had . Both ran smokeless at 40-1
and 50-1 mix.
Note: Mas You right with the Secret Handshake Oil , Bob Eastman the Tech Engineer and Lead Crew Chief for Polaris Racing back in the 70's used to relabel all his Oil Containers and Specialty Products during Testing lol .

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I only use Stihl 2 stroke oil (50:1) in all my garden tools regardless of brand. Works well, no problems at all. Use high octane gas and a fuel stabilizer in the winter months for the best results.

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