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newbushmenMay 1, 2012

Hello all, I'm moving to a property with roughly 2-3 acres to mow, and am having trouble deciding which mower will suite for the right price.. The land is pretty flat, and I've come down to a few different Huskies, but I'm unsure whether it is worth paying the extra money for a duel cylinder or whether a single will be fine? They both are around the 21hp mark with a 42" cutting deck.. any suggestions?

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possible other questions to consider:

- will the machine be used for other than mowing?
- Is your flat acreage smooth and rock-free?
- are there many (or will there be) shrubs/bushes/trees/obstacles?
- available storage room for unit (they don't do well left out in the weather)
- dealer support (important for those breakdowns/repairs)

You mention a 42" deck - which might be a bit small for your acreage..?

Anyhow - Repost of Slammer's Rules...

1. Carefully evaluate the size mower you need and buy at least one size larger.

2. NEVER buy a mower from ANYPLACE that will not let you test drive it or at least a similar model. Ergonomics are just as important as performance and capability.
(Vitally important!)

3. DO NOT base your purchase on price or brand name alone! Do proper research and find all of the available models that fit your criteria and haggle, save, or trade to get the right equipment for the job. Do not compromise!

If you follow these three tips you will end up a happy camper with just the right unit for the job. If you disregard this advice your gonna end up with One or the other of the following problems:

A. Buyers remorse. Stuck with a piece of junk or simply a unit inadequate for the task at hand.


B. A teed off spouse when you start shopping for another tractor just 3 - 6 months down the road because you didn't buy the right unit in the first place.

good luck.

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Get a twin.

As already advised a 42" deck is small for two to three acres.

Rather than a new lawn tractor you might look around for a clean used garden tractor with a larger deck and heavier duty frame, steering, and transmission.

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