What would cause a Craftsman blower to rev up and down

loger_gwAugust 10, 2010

What would cause a Craftsman blower to rev up and down with good power (model # 358769981) like it has a governor regulating speed? I feel Weedeater built this blower as my "old" similar Weedeater . The weedeater is accelerated from the handle vs a knob on the Craftsman. Last, there is a gray insulated wire coming from etc. bolted in the plastic handle (with no module or etc showing inside and shown at the link below), what is this? Loger


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Loger: You must have put in the Same Bad Fuel from your Weed-Eater lol . Follow the Same Carb Cleaning Advice Bro !
If this does not cure it you will have to have Walt or Rusty or Baymee forward the Inlet Metering Valve Cleaning Illustration for the Tecumseh Snow-King . You will have to remove the Valve and clean out the 3-small holes .

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The model no. is really 358.796981.
Did this condition happen all of a sudden, or, slowly, getting worse.
In any case, I'm suspecting an air leak somewhere, or the carb needs a thorough cleaning and possible rekit.

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One other thing comes to my mind after replacing the fuel line, cleaning carb and adding a new carb kit due to hard rubber and a cracked diaphragm. The fuel line appeared too short and possibly restricted due to this. Well! We know one of my projects today. "The Killer", ran good initially. IÂll check for air leaks and trask in the carb when I pull all down today. ItÂs a spare without either actually being used over once a month. I should pass on "The Killer" but who can pass-up a challenge)?

What were the thoughts on the gray wire? IÂll see where the other end goes today. Loger

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I covered all of the above issues which took more than my allotted 2hrs and it was too hot 102 @ High Noon here in TX to continue "for Fun". I saw some issues and learned a step in cleaning the int. carb screen.

1. I added about 2" to the fuel line that relaxed it and the filter.
2. The dumped fuel had rust, trash, parts, which led to a dirty tank and int. carb screen cleaning.
3. I pulled the int needle (a first) which allowed a good needle and int. carb screen cleaning.
4. The gray wire in the handle ended close to the flywheel with a wire finger as to get a signal??
5. IÂll hope the heat allows me to fire "The Killer" this afternoon or in the morning.
6. It fired ran a few seconds but fine-tuning is needed. WhatÂs a good starting air mixture, ¾ -1?


PS. Ewalk, Did you look at the trimmer links? What is the safety issue? Loger

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Loger: No Bro did not get a chance , don't usually go to links virus's worms etc. I rely more on common sense and
concise descriptions of operators complaints . My Jest was just a casual operator beware when immovable objects are stuck by revolving "Sharp Objects" Roflmbo !

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Ewalk, Walt,Rusty, Baymee And Others,

Is the carb info quoted below directly related to the small Walbro carbs as on all of my two cycle equipment (bolwers, trimmers and chainsaws). I will use Berryman B-12 (for soaking and dissolving varnish), compressed air (for cleaning and drying and mechanics wire (for clearing and checking ports I can see or get to). Loger

Ewalk: "If this does not cure it you will have to have Walt or Rusty or Baymee forward the Inlet Metering Valve Cleaning Illustration for the Tecumseh Snow-King . You will have to remove the Valve and clean out the 3-small holes."

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Loger: Actually no it for Tecumseh Engined Lawmower and Snowblower Equipment ! It has been illustrated (pictures)and proper sequential cleaning procedure . Usually on Older Blowers. My Craftsman is Old 1995 but it has a newer carburetor with conventional Horse Collar Metal Float and above oriented metering inlet valve . Your Walbro Design Carb is different as you have indicated on various Trimmers and Older Chainsaws , very similar to Keihin and Tiltonson
. Fortunately the cleaning info req'd along with usage of a concentrated varnish and gum removal Fluid Agent is the same . I have not used Berryman B-12 , have heard it is fine for brake parts , electrical relays switch's and carb cleaning duties , so go for it and let us know what you find .

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After 20 + years I realized today that I have been half rebuilding my Walbro carbs and gotten by with it. I pulled a needle for the 1st time (on this donated blower) due to wanting to see under the int fuel screen. I knew or felt something was sticking or swollen starving the engine for fuel. BINGO! The needleÂs rubber tip was loaded with varnish and possibly swollen (ethanol related). Should there be a rubber seat to mate with the needle (repair kit, "WAL.K10-WAT"? I pulled the int screen looking for rubber and only saw metal, which makes sense with the needle's rubber tip. My big problem and question is, how do I get the new or old int screen in square and secure? I tried using the butt of the right dia drill bit? ThatÂs not working, whatÂs next? Would you leave the screen out?

The screen is truly working, it was loaded again after I dumped recent gas and blew trash from it the 3rd time. IÂll use warm soapy water on the tank this time. Someone has put straight oil in the gas tank or the gas evaporated down to oil in the tank and carb. I have not ever seen one of my carbs almost dirty or need a rebuild (compared to this tank and int screen on donated equipment and friends repairs). Loger

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Loger: It would appear that we ave not been comparing Apples to Apples . You are referring to a leaf Blower not a Snowblower . I assumed you were getting a head start on your
winter needs. Yes you certainly do have a Walbro Carb . I just finished with a very interesting unit last week on a Mitsubishi Engine. It to was a doaner unit from a yard Sale . Someone had used rubber water ring gasket material for a primer button gasket. It broke down and gummed up every orifice within the fuel circuits. No need for any reference from Bay , Walt or Rusty on this one . Just drop down to your Sears Repair Depot and give them your Walbro Carb Designation and pick up the inlet screen and carb kit . This will give you what you need . Ensure to 1st resolve you fuel tank contamination issues , no use chasing your tail on debris . Sorry for the confusion , since I have 3 Snowblowers scheduled for this weekend for Pre-Winter Tune ups . Be Patient just as you were with the Weed-Eater Rebuild .

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I plan to challenge installing the int screen in the Walbro carb at "First Light" to beat the heat tomorrow. I checked with my neighbor hood supply house that sold the kit for a device or tips on installing the screen. The mechanic said no special tool is needed other than a punch or etc. and a good blow. I tried that with a drill bitÂs butt but not a blow vs pushing. Not satisfied I asked another veteran mechanic. He stressed that he removes the screens due to their restrictions. I could and c/n agree with him due to knowing the screen is catching fine trash that should not be getting past the in-tank filter (that appears good.

Again! What is your process of installing or have you? What is your opinion of just depending on the in-tank filter and digesting the small debris that gets past the filter? If I get lucky IÂll let you know. If my punch is not the best fit, I have brass stock that I can turn on the lathe. Plus, IÂll consider starting the bend using a flat drill index since the well location is not in the best location. BUT! Is the screen an Over-Kill? Loger

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Final report on the leaf blower and int walbro carb screen. I can not say, Bingo! I can say, I gave it Hell With Fair Success. With the flat drill index, butt of a drill bit ground flat, I pre formed the screen before using a plastic mallet to seat it in the carb. It started but I know Defeat and I was Defeated. I called a friend that is good on small engines and told him it was his before it Kills Me. The End Of That Killer!! Loger

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"Winners Never Quit And Quitters Never Win"! This has been a standard since high school football and I still live by the standards. So! Since a blower has used too much of my time and it has no value to me except the challenge except knowing why it revs up and down. I decided to challenge posting open images vs links "To Balance The Battle"! Looking at the preview, "I Am Still Taking Whippings"! LOL Loger





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Since the Craftsman leaf blower has not left for itÂs new home, I had a chance to verify some questions and etc..

1. The fuel filter was very restricted to my mouth vs my compressor but another d/n make it run better.

2. The muffler had no spark arrest and was as clear as can be. The chrome cyl was as clean as a mirror.
The vacuum was as good as the compression mentioned above.

3. Problems include loosing fuel like a float is stuck "flooding" or cracked tank making a raw fuel mess?
IÂll pressure test the plastic tank which w/n help running if the "killer" is not gone before I have spare time.
Raw fuel appears to be blowing out the muffler due to carb problems and the plug is always soaked?

4. The gray wireÂs purpose is still puzzling since it has metal appears pointing to flywheelÂs magnets?

5. Has anyone posted Pics open using the "free photobucket version" vs links, if so, what are your steps?

6. I have learned more with this project than I had planned but learning and documenting, Is My Life!





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The "Killer Blower"!! I took the Killer Blower and other items to a friend vs spending any more time on the "Unneeded Stuff". I had a Dash Fire as I had "A First Time Problem Starting". When I saw smoke it was too late, I feel the fire had started. There were no hot fuses, I disconnected the battery and used a fire extinguisher under the dash in the blind (I never saw a flame and very little smoke. All of the damage was directly above the steering column (broken windshield, sagging dash, ruined instrument cluster, charred ignition wiring harness and etc., with no damage to the ext steering column. The 1993 Explorer had 116,000 miles on it and had been "The Most Reliable Dream And Workhorse Of My Life". The adjuster has indicated it will be totaled (w/o seeing it until tomorrow) due to the age and cost of parts and labor. With no plans of a trading soon, I feel I'll have to make a quick most reasonable decision to trade or have it restored once I see the full extent of the damage under the dash. Loger

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