Toro Personal Pace RWD gear box bearing replacement, Tips Needed!

loger_gwAugust 21, 2013

IâÂÂm out of my comfort zone helping a neighbor. His Toro Personal Pace RWD (d/n get his model #) runs good but the self propel has failed. Plus, wheels will not freewheel backwards. The gear box was basically empty.

My observations and questions:

1. The large bearing in the gear box is very stiff vs free. Is that probably his problem with both issues?

2. He has purchased the bearing. Old large bearing looked sealed vs grease for drive gears??

3. Will the bearings simply drive out and in with a socket (with resistance as I noticed and stopped)??

4. Should a Zerk be add if holding grease is an issue (or remind him to rem 4 screws and pack?

5. Do I seem to be on the right track and what else would you recommend??

This is more than I had planned to be Recruited For! LOL. Even for a good Walking Partner.


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I have not opened one of these up for a few years. If they fail/ grind - they get a new assy installed. If a bearing got tight and the gears were fine then it may be worthwhile to repair. the bearing will drive out the case if you need it too. There will be a difference in between the aluminum deck and steels due to different wheel clutch designs regarding drag and pulling backwards. Steel decks the clutches will grab so the transmission must be free, input pulley not playing grab me with the belt.

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Thanks tomplum! From what I saw all of your tips touched our task. The R&R bearing info was my main concern since my many searches d/n show a youtube or instructions. I gave the Bearing 4 good blows with a block of wood w/o a budge. Not working where I have the needed sockets and some morning shade was a pain. LOL.

After looking through the many searched, I feel removing the self propel w/h been his best option for his tiny busy yard. IâÂÂll still suggest that if he can return the bearing w/o penalty. Otherwise, we are on next Tuesday in my shade to reassemble.

TodayâÂÂs coaching and a 1st for me will be replacing a starter rope on a Weed Eater Power Edge PE 550. According to the youtube, that task should be a basic repair. The funny part is coaching a friend through the job before his neighbor returns home. I will remind the Sales Rep that you purchase needed equipment vs borrowing it. Plus I want to see the neat looking edger

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Please help me find: Toro Personal Pace RWD pinion gear 9/16 nut torque specification. ItâÂÂs a lock nut on the drive belt pulley attaching the pinion gear inside the gearbox through a bearing. The deck is steel vs al and approx 6 years old.

1. I feel about a 30 ft lb torque will do from what I felt removing the nut with a wooden block holding the gear vs a socket.

2. If some one can share a general download to a Toro Personal Pace RWD that would be great. I know I am not listing the needed #s because I d/n have them or access until Tuesday. Trying to do a little Homework w/o having the problem before me. LOL. It will be on the owner if special info is needed.

3. How many times should I ask him to help me cut my yard if I cut in :30? WeâÂÂll have approx 3 hrs investigating/repairing vs instantly knowing his need. He mentioned money but I'm not into money vs trading (when IâÂÂm helping w/o direct experience vs contracting experience labor).

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Toro does not list a torque spec for this. wbmdrsys.pdf is the name of the Toro manual I have should you need further assy guidance- hopefully it is available online. You used to be able to get manuals via the tor parts look up site. Just fill it 2/3 full w/ #2 lithium, tighten it down and you are free to sit back and have your buddy mow your lawn!

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Thanks tomplum! I have regressed to âÂÂAn Old Repeated Lessonâ this past week. I have more projects of my own vs others. Trying to be a Good Neighbor, Friend, Etc can go too far when you know or they tell you they will not match your efforts toward helping others. Enough Said!

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Thanks Again tomplum! The Toro Personal Pace frozen gear in the self propel gear box R&R went well. A 2 hr task now that I have seen the mechanics and thanks to your tips.

1. It operated very smooth forward at a nice speed and no resistance backing.

2. Before Starting and running in forward there was a ratchet feel backing, was that normal due to the mechanics h/n gone forward?

3. The old frozen ZEX 6203 RS bearingâÂÂs int was full of powder vs grease and freed up w/o play.

4. I found the Mod # 21038 20017, how do I read the # year model (appears old but good and front wheels needs âÂÂHis AttentionâÂÂ)?
5. Funny! 3 Machine screws d/n come here, for the gearbox cover, I had 3 replacements. 3 sheet metal/plastic üâ screws were left and a sign someone had been in the box.

If I can get the Weed Eater Power Edger PE 550 off my work bench soon, I will hide from Friends and Neighbors vs the Good Company And Their Projects. LOL

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The year is the first 2 digits of the serial #. a 20017 this mower could be , but this mower series wasn't produced until 2002.You could be dealing w/ bent front pivot arms- but don't rule out a bend in the housing either. Sorry, I didn't quite understand question 2. Kudos to you for being a god neighbor tho!.

Here is a link that might be useful: toro

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More follow-ups and concerns:

1. Was the powder in the frozen sealed gear once grease that was converted w/o any signs of heat or wear?

2. Opinions why the sealed gear was not open inside the gear box to share ring & pinionâÂÂs grease? I feel the bearing will still work greased, sealed or opened to the inside of the gear box.

3. Our Neighbor sent Gift Cards (a good appreciation) and cut his yard to show all is well.

4. IâÂÂll alert him of the front wheel alignment, which has to be some resistance on the mower.

5. Finally, the Weed Eater Power Edger PE 550 is still in my space due to needing a pull ropeâÂÂs spool and that half of the housing (due to melted parts from backed out screws).... We actually found a replacement that just needed the fuel lines exchanged (for less than new parts, 25.00 with other parts as spares but not affordable yet).

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A Toro Personal Pace frozen gear in the self propel gear box was full of a powder looking material vs grease. It was a sealed bearing that easily opened (with plastic sides). The bearing showed no wear and was free and smooth operating once the powder was dumped. This was a first for me to experience. I wonder if this is something others have seen and know if that was grease that heat or Etc turned into a powder looking material? The attach bearing shows signs of the powder ( bearing # ZEX 6203 RS). .

Otherwise, the mower is working well along with the Red Lobster Gift Certificates after adding the new bearing.

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It's just dried up grease, along with maybe some dust. You removed the dust covers. If the bearing is good, clean it completely with kerosene or Gunk, dry it, and put new grease in. Put the covers back on.

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Thanks baymee! I wish I had shared this before the new purchase which was not that bad. This c/h really saved the Turn Around Time and REMEMBERING! LOL. IâÂÂll return the bearing and your info to the owner. He had plenty Lithium 2 Grease left since it was sold by 2 cartridges at the supply shop.

He had a Wide Smile yesterday while cutting his yard since there was no resistance and self propel. I might show him how to align the front wheels for another Red Lobster Gift Card.

But! He had a Good Question as I was helping another Neighbor. He asked, âÂÂWhen Do You Have Time To Do Your Own Work. I have two Senior Widow Neighbors that usually have little jobs vs his job.

I had to almost separate them yesterday. The lady next door was flooding the lady 2nd door due to a soaker hose too high. I finally figured it out or heard. The lady had the soaker hose on because she c/n open/close 3 doors (2 bathrooms) due to our dry weather.

Hearing that, I ask to let me see the doors after showing her the hose had both of them soaked. Bingo! It came to me to just grind the hinges' pinned fingers to let the doors drop 1/8âÂÂ. I Have Two Happy And Smiling Neighbors Now.

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