I found parts locally for my Old Green Machine trimmer

loger_gwAugust 24, 2011

I found parts locally for my Old Old Green Machine #030348, 22.5 cc Trimmer. I felt finding the 20 + year old trimmer's parts would be a waste of time. Generic means a lot as I feel these are general parts that many Mfgs used. Some still use them due to not being specific for a Green Machine or Etc. It was given to me at least 20 years ago (80s) after a repair shop advised the donor not to have it repaired again. It only needed a WALBR Carb Kit. I had not seen that much power or the split shaft string/hard blade trimmers.

Recently it needed two parts, a grommet where the fuel line goes into the tank (it was a Stihl parts #) and the primer bulb was ROTARY parts # (for WALBR). This Thing Might Out Last Me. LOL

Experiment: I tried running it with the bulb circuit sealed and it would but not with good RPMS.

Next, An Interesting electronic item but not the kill button that looks connected and associated is small 1X1X.25 and externally. Could this be a kill switch if the engine gets too hot?

Last, Do you know any links to diagrams and parts for the Old Old Green Machine #030348, 22.5 cc Trimmer? I c/n actually find this number related. The parts fellow called the old 1600, one of the first split shafts. He said he actually had a an old new engine in stock. Any help on this experimenting will be appreciated. loger

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Loger there are numerous sites that offer replacment kits for Walbro , Zama and Keihien carbs which were used on various Blowers , Trimmers and Chain Saws. Try a few searchs and then a Phone call will get you even more info on used parts also . The used parts are often much more difficult or time consuming .

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The real old Green Machine Trimmers were Shindaiwas, and the electronic box you refer to is the electronic ignition moduke which replaced the points and cond.
The newer trimmers were HMC but still Japanese made, as were Stihl's trimmers of that era, very well made.
I have had some old Green Machine books, I will see if I can find them.


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Thanks ewalk and fisher! I'm not finding any good info on this interesting engine but your tips will help. I'm not presently looking for another part vs info as the electronic module. My next experiment was to see if it would run w/o the external vs internal module (spade connected under the fuel tank to see if it was ign related. The parts fellow told me it was a Japanese model and Shindaiwas gives me more to search now. This TX heat is turning me to Experimenting & History vs Work. loger

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Loger: As Fish has advised the engine was sourced within Japan . Manufacturers of the Green Machine shifted from various origin through the mid 80's to early 90's Shindaiwas , Homelite which was then bought out by John Deere and the last Green Machine unit was put out by Redmax with the Walbro Carb , you may therefor wish to check out any Redmax Dealer for required part sourcing since I believe they were the last agent for your unit. Your right working out of the heat with a Cold Brewski beats the Texas Heat . Unfortunately I have a Fuel Pump replacement on the rear fuel tank on the Ole Diesel tommorrow so lights out this Old-Timer :)

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I have found that Red Max and Zenoah were also some of the many builders of the Green Machine's engine. I have tried to upload and add two links showing my Monster. A Good Lessons If The Links Work! A pain from not doing this often or with attachments as part of the menu options. After my 03 retirement, the computers small engines and etc are keeping me close to where I was in the 80s - 90s. Leaving Small Engine Repair And Entering Computer Repairs And Applications. I do just enough of each to stay involved these days while I play with other related skills. I feel CAD/Carpentry/Designs, Metalworking/Machining/Welding and Woodworking are my favorites when it is to hot for my Fishing Career. loger

Green Machine link with a question on Japanese's name showing:

Green Machine electronic ignition module's link:

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I have that same Zenoah engine on a Green Machine trimmer. Didn't have spark, found out that the ignition module was defective. Having nothing to loose, I removed the epoxy around the parts, found the defective one, replaced it with a 80 cents similar one, now I have a huuge spark. If you have such modules, it would be my pleasure to fix them for free. In the mean time, I badly need a gas tank similar to the one shown in the picture, I would be very grateful to anyone who has one.

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dmullen(Southern CA)

I needed a gas tank for my Green Machine and when I went to the parts store, he said that the Red Max was identical. We compared them and they are the same. That replacement has lasted for many years now.

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I have a model 3000 SS Green Machine. I seem to be getting a bit of spark then nothing.. is it possible for the coil to do this? Sometimes work a bit then not?

I don't know how to isolate the problem. I can't unhook the kill switch to test the coil and I don't know how to test the ignition module (little black box under the gas tank). The ignition isn't as straight forward as my chainsaw, so I'm a bit lost. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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II have retired my Green Machine for all Echo Trimmers (3) all long shaft and my best choice has a hard blade. After about 15 yrs the donor âÂÂWork Horseâ Green MachineâÂÂs few needs wore me down (maybe 30 yrs total). The carb and fuel tank grommets were my most work vs the ignition since it always had good fire. I questioned an ext electrical component but never looked under the flywheel or by which I felt the component was associated with. My experiences with electronic components have been they worked or not vs some times.

IâÂÂm sure there was more electronics eyes/sensors that I d/n investigate since fire never appeared to be the issue. Most of all, I learned that parts are still out there under another Brand Name.

I hope this helps!!

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Need some help with a parts source, please. I own a Green Machine Model 3000 L.P. with the HMC S 25 H motor. Although the trimmer is 30+ years old, it ran great until a recent electrical problem caused a no spark condition. The local small engine shop mechanic took a look and said the coil was bad and replacements are no longer available. I love the unit and want to fix it, as I haven't found an alternative that's as useful with the ability to also attach saw blades. Anybody know where I could find either replacement electronic parts like the coil, or even a whole new engine for this unit? Thanks

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Look under the carb for an ignition unit, those can be replaced with an Oregon aftermarket module,

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1. IâÂÂm almost sure I was told Red Max parts will work on The Green Machine.

2. Mine has to be over 30yrs +. I wonder if itâÂÂs completely electronic ign since I h/n pulled the fly.

3. The shop here said they had a new eng on the shelf. Plus, my working parts or eng are free.

4. Have considered some of the good info and offers above?

5. How do you send private messages on this board? One person shocked me by IDing me.

6. Can someone post a link or picture of whatâÂÂs under the flywheel.

7. Knowing it works I have looked for a local home vs my friend that scrap engines/Etc.. I have moved to too many Echos of the same related models.

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Loger, yours is newer than the 3000, not sure what year yours is, or about the ignition. Grombo's trimmer is one of the Shindaiwa type models, many of the parts on them actually say "Shindaiwa". I may have an old manual, I'll head out to the garage and scrounge around.

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If I can find a few minutes this week, IâÂÂll pull the fly to end my curiosity as to what's under it. ItâÂÂs hard for me to comprehend electronic ignition before the 70s. BUT! I probably started adding electronic modules to B&S mid to late 70s to eliminate point/condenser ignitions. I need that spot/space before I trip because itâÂÂs on the floor. LOL.

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I took the time to pull the Green MachineâÂÂs flywheel today and there was not one component under it (attached). How long has electronic ignitions been around? In the mid 70s-80s when I converted B&S Eng to electronic ignitions (with a low cost kits) you could tell the old points/condenser had been there or they were still there. There were threaded places where other components could have once been present under the G/MâÂÂs Fly. The small electronic module approx 1â sq x .25 thick had a # M121 on it and a good size coil was present. There was good fire with the module and no fire w/o.

Now I know whatâÂÂs under the Fly that was easy to pull with two 10mm x 9.8 bolts and a piece of a garage door openerâÂÂs arm.

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Thank you for the input. Is that black component to the right the coil, loger? Can I simply buy a placement engine from Shindawa? If so, how would I determine which model would bolt up to the Green Machine Model 3000 LP trimmer base? The help is really appreciated. Thanks

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That large black unit is the coil. I do not know any purchasing processes but a part # is probably on the coil. Was the coil tested on a coil tester that shows itâÂÂs voltage to produce fire ? Do you have the small 1â ext module that works with the coil (attached)? If so, how do you know the module is not the problem? Please post pics of your engine with the coil showing if possible.

This unit came with a string trimmer and hard edging blade attachments that fits at mid shaft.

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Will take it apart this weekend and post photos so folks can see the parts. Thanks for that good suggestion.

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On the older 3000, the points were located under the starter
cup/rotor, then the later ones came with the metal bolt on style trigger unit like Loger has.

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MantonJohn, Good Point! There might just be some dirty points under the flywheel causing a lack of fire (if the coil was not put to a good test). IMO, points (an open and moving part) will be the most likely bad part to cause no fire. Between the Coil and Module I would have to flip a coin since I have not experience one to be bad.

Grombo, While you are in there, ck the strength on your magnet to hold a ýâ socket and air gap at .010 or index card thickness. Please ck my memory on these specks. If you have not ever looked under the fly and you are not seeing an ext module (but it could be int), you might be surprised at what you find and can fix.

Good Luck Troubleshooting, Have Fun and Take Your Time pulling the fly. I used a little penetrating oil, tighten the puller 2-3 times, mildly popped the crank with a flat punch with the nut at the top to protect threads And Bingo!

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