Very old weedeater runs-- barely

irjowo99August 26, 2013

At my rental landlord left a beat up old weedeater in basement. "Needie 500," manual for similar model 507 is online and copyright 1976.

Electric, it runs but at about 2 mph. I opened it up to see if any dirt or grass stuck but nothing big visible although everything is covered with grime.

Curious if there might be a simple repair or at this point just give up.


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New brusher maybe if the armature is not too bad. Pull the brushes and look for the experience of worn brushed and clean armature. If anything looks bad, Go For A New Trimmer!

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Found elect. weedwacker in the early 80's in the trash pile, looked fairly new. So being the resourceful cheap@## that I was (and probably still are). I lifted it out of the trash heap. Plugged it in and it wouldn't turn at all. SO I took it elect motor apart and found a broken spring steel retainer looking dumahockey that was locking the motor from turning. Didn't look like it needed it so I removed it, assembled it, plugged it in and it spun up to normal RPM... 6 years later I sold it in garage sale for $40 bucks. So you never know till you investigate. Maybe just corroded up, something locking it up or as suggested brushes worn out..

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Thanks for the encouragement-- even I have the skills to throw away random parts :-)

Trying to get into motor but there appear to be a couple screws I need to remove and they won't budge. Put some 3 in 1 oil on them but didn't seem to do much.

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wertach zone 7-B SC

3 in 1 won't loosen bolts or screws. You need some penetrating oil like WD-40 or Kroll oil. Kroll oil is expensive but well worth it in my and my coworkers opinion. A really cheap way to loosen them is soaking them in Coke.

I'm not sure about an electric weed eater, since I have never owned or worked on one. But a lot of things like drills and stuff have access screws on the sides of the motor. They would be about 1/2" in diameter on a drill, not sure on a weed eater.

If and/or when you find the brushes. They may just be stuck and a good cleaning will suffice. If worn a local repair shop may be able to match them up, about $6 the last time I bought some.

Another thought on getting the screws out, are they screwdriver type like Phillips or straight? If so Harbor Freight has an Impact Screwdriver for about $8 and you will find other uses for it in the future.

Here is a link that might be useful: Impact

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You are referring to the Hand Impact Screw Driver Tool. The Hand Impact is great due to the fuller hand grip for good torque or smacking with a hammer to shock the screws loose or tight. The new look is not the Old School All Steel Look (attached). LOL.

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wertach zone 7-B SC

Correct loger !!

I have the old school all steel, about 40 years old but it still works great!

I bought it when I was about 18 or 19 to work on motorcycles.

The aluminum motorcycle motor blocks and steel bolts didn't seem to get along very well!

I keep it in my work truck now, which is always home since I'm on call 24/7/365, I use it at least once a month at work or home.

It is probably the most useful tool that I have ever bought. And I have about $5,000 worth of tools, at the price I paid way back then.

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I tried coke and some cheap seven dollar rust remover without success. I tried plugging in again and of course it worked fine, so just gonna put back together.

Thanks, guys!

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