How many minor trouble free seasons with your hydraulic splitter

loger_gwAugust 6, 2011

1. How many minor trouble free seasons with your hydraulic log splitter's hydraulic system?

2. I'm still amazed at the number of good comments on splitting mauls manual splitters after 20/30 years.

3. My hydraulics sys given to me is electric driven vs gas, I feel they are about equal with my 3 yrs use.

4. Are electric splitters referred over hydraulics, electric motor driving pump and cyl vs screw driven ele?

5. I do admit I had started paying for some splitting labor and cutting wood smaller before the splitter.

6. Over the yrs I tried reduction screw driven cones and hydraulic press type splitters that were too slow.

7. Hopefully you can help me ID what splitter this was before it was modified.

A. Main rail 4X4"sq X 4'+ w 1" pin rear cyl mounts welded, black splitter label side of orange sq/cyl

B. Front adjustable splitting wedge w 1/4" handle 1" pin 24-22" to about 16-12" positions,

C. Cylinder 24"X4"X2"rod 1" pin mount on rear and rod, no cyl guide, 1 bolt cyl front mount

D. Wheels 2 small 6" rear mount black 16-18" w, one front 4-6" swivel, all too light and worn-out.

I feel at some point the splitter was manual hydraulic or lighter electric driven due to wt and balance.

My major mods: 12"dia wide rear wheels @ a better bal point, larger front swivel and rod guide on 4X4 sq,

I have had very little 8"+ dia TX native Oaks, Pecans, Elms, Mesquites and etc that d/n require a maul. On some pecan I have cheated with a 4-6" deep chainsaw cut on 12-16" long wood as a starter for my wedge & sledge vs loss progress per swing. Those days Are Over, LOL!!

Please help me (with links) to ID The Monster! It has been a 3 yr Work-Horse over my many past mauls. loger

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