crepe myrrtle transplant

etchildsFebruary 11, 2013

My gardener just transplanted a crepe myrtle tree from a wine barrel to the ground. It is about 12 foot tall and the base of trunk is about 2.5 inches. It was my mom's who is recently deceased and I wanted to put it in the ground to honor her. The gardeners removed it from barrel and put it in ground but the root ball is now about 4 inches below the surrounding soil level. If I level it out and add 4 inches of soil to the top of the root ball, will this be a problem for the tree or its trunk? As it sits now, it appears sunken 4 inches.. Do I level out the soil which will add soil to the top of the root ball or call the gardener and have him dig this up and replant level with soil line? my concern with the later is that will disturb the root ball that was intact during the first transplant. i don't think I can remove soil to level the area to the tree. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Sara Malone Zone 9b

Unfortunately you need to dig it up and replant it so that the soil is level. These plants are tough as nails and this one will survive disturbing the rootball. Whatever you do, do not fill up the 'hole' by adding 4" of soil around the plant. Your gardener needs to take a refresher course on correct planting technique. Good luck!

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

You should raise/replant your crApe myrtle so that its root flare is slightly above grade (which is pretty standard practice when planting trees and shrubs) to account for additional settling. Please review the planting guide, linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Planting a Tree or Shrub

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