Shrub Live Oak - Quercus turbinella

bulldogges(6/7 - Southeastern PA)February 24, 2014

Hi All,

I was thinking of trying to grow a shrub live oak from seed for bonsai and have a few questions I am hoping you can help with.

1) Does anyone know where I can get seeds (acorns) for shrub live oak?

2) Assuming I can find some seeds, does anyone know how to propagate them? Do they require cold stratification or anything?


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Schumacher's, probably, for seed.

OIKOS Tree Crops offers 4:-8" seedlings - might they be a possibility? If you contact 'em, they may also have acorns available, as they grow their seedlings from trees in their own plantings, for the most part.

Here is a link that might be useful: OIKOS

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Is 6/7 southeastern P. Southeastern Pa zone 6/7 ? If so Lucky P is right, Oikos has a small live oak cultivar. And if that is not what you wanted, there are likely many others with ideas for you. For Bonsai, you need to prune roots/ and/or/branches to train them. I haven't ever tried this(bonsai) myself, but most Live oaks, (besides the shrub live oaks) like to grow large and spreading.

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bulldogges(6/7 - Southeastern PA)

Hi Lucky and Poaky,

Thanks for the replies. unfortunately, the live oak that Oikos has is not the shrub live oak and I am not sure how the other types of live oak will do for bonsai. I was thinking of the shrub live oak due to its smaller (comparatively) size, as well as its small leaves - most oaks the leaves are too big for bonsai since they cannot be reduced in size. I forget the name of the technique, but there is a method for shrinking leaf size that does not work on oaks.

I do appreciate your taking the time to respond.


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Hmm. A 25 yr old tree that's only 4-10 ft tall sounds like a shrub to me ;>)

Kinda like, if you can pick it up with one hand, it's not a's a rodent. lol

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Oaks of the wild west, doesn't list it on their website, but mentioned they have small numbers of some oaks not listed. Maybe they can help you find some acorns or baby trees. You will need to call or email for info. No online form, etc. Like Lucky said the Oikos live oak is a shrub Live oak mix. Possibly Turbinella and another dwarf. It grows to 15 ft or less in 25 or more years. They changed their website, it used to be more detailed on size and genetics, unless I 't search the site thoroughly enough. The leaf size and shape is average, I think.

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Sheffeild's seeds have Turbinella. The site is a bit of a pain to search, for me anyway, but I just saw the page with turbinella on it under Shade trees or Live oaks. You can get seed for them.

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bulldogges(6/7 - Southeastern PA)

Thanks Poaky!!!!

I really appreciate it. I found the page and it looks like they will have the seeds this summer.

Thanks again!

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