do snails harm Roses?

susanp508May 25, 2009

We've had alot of rain lately and the snails are coming out I have potted roses and have noticed snails around . I was wondering if they harm the roses.

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That would depend upon the snail species. Some are only scavengers, and others feed only on specific foods (such as the lichen that grow on rocks). However, there are indeed snail species that will happily eat plants, including roses.

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Oh yes, some do take a snack. Others just climb on them, I like to imagine they do it to take a look at the landscape.

You can opt for one of the following two things:
1-just make them fall down
2-leave all the snails where they are, mark the leaves where you see them, and check in a couple of days if those leaves have been damaged. If so, you know you have snails with a wrong eating habit... eh eh!

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We sure have alot of slugs & snails here in coastal Oregon & they have never bothered any of my roses. This year I started adding some different perennials & they sure like some of them though.

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We have enormous slugs here and have used the product is a natural product and does not make your dog just kills slugs

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

The rare ones I have seen that damage roses go up into the center of the flowers and eat the stamens and pollen. Here they vastly prefer soft, tender, juicy foliage that is close to the ground. If you see them up in the roses they may be climbing to get away from puddles of rain so they don't drown.

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I have learned alot about snails and slugs today. I will watch to see if they go after roses. Thanks all.........Susan

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Hi Susan,

The snails we have here will eat just about anything that is damp and decaying. Snails secrete slime that dissolves or partially digests organic matter, which they ingest. Our local snails secrete enough slime on new plants over several nights that they kill them. Products containing iron phosphate are safe and labeled for snail control. They work very well in a granular form to avoid frequent application. If you check the label, you will see that Sluggo contains iron phosphate. Diatomaceous earth is safe but works well only with frequent applications. Sulfur comes in pellets or granules to avoid frequent application, or dust if you don't mind applying between rains. It is good fertilizer if you need to loosen your soil and lower pH.

Best wishes,

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