Help! I left my EM-1 Inoculant in the sun. Is it still good?

RootsRunDeep(6B)April 27, 2014

I'm making my own bokashi for the first time and we ordered a bottle of EM-1 Microbial Inoculant. It says right on the label not to store in direct sunlight, but like a goof, I accidentally set it on a table in my kitchen that gets a lot of sun. It only sat there for about a day before we realized and moved it to a dark cupboard.

Would this be enough to damage the EM-1 or significantly reduce the bacteria count? Is there a way to test the EM-1 to see if it is still good?

Please help. Thank you!

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I make my bokashi innoculant from the whey of the kefir I make and leave the kefir on the counter, where it is very bright all the time despite being told that you shouldn't and have for several years (the whole kitchen is bright, there is no place dark to leave it!) The bokashi bran I make with it works great so I wouldn't worry too much about the short time yours was in the sunny spot.

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