50 % off sale !!! anyone know much about these??

ilovemyroses(8 Dallas TX)May 5, 2012

I loaded my cart with everything that I liked! Some I have read quite a bit about, some, not so much. All 2-3 gallon size and BIG and beautiful!

Don't know much about these:

EL TORO (UNCLE JOE)- gorgeous bloom!






CLIMBING AMERICA - never seen this!




also picked up these which i am more familiar.


MRS. DUDLEY CROSS (love her!)




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seil zone 6b MI

Lucky you! A great deal on some lovely roses!

I had Uncle Joe, gets really TALL! Lost it one winter.

Thinking about picking up Sugar Moon myself.

Garden Party, an oldie but a goodie! Some black spot though.

Dick Clark is beautiful and, happily, wintered very well.

Cherry Parfait blooms a lot and is hardy.

Double Delight, a classic! Spotty but the blooms are so gorgeous and it smells so good who cares!

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What a great shopping spree. I have these in Zone 9, and all are lovely roses:

PINK PROMISE (LOVE her, big fragrant blooms, very disease resistant)
DICK CLARK (great, powerhouse bloomer)
CLIMBING AMERICA (drop dead gorgeous)
CHERRY PARFAIT (beautiful, prolific)
DOUBLE DELIGHT (love her so much I bought a 2nd this year).
MR. LINCOLN (an all time favorite)
ICEBERG (really can't miss on this one)
CLIMBING ALOHA (finding a little weak grower as time goes on, but still awesome. I think my issue with her now is that she is too shaded. very fragrant and delicate)

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lovemysheltie(5/6 Chicago)

Chicago Peace is my FAVORITE. You are in a for a treat when it blooms. Here in my Chicago garden, it is the PERFECT rose - withstands summer temps up to 90s very well, has thick petals which tolerate high winds and rain excellently. Smells wonderful and has massive 6 inch blooms on sturdy stems that aren't broken by the winds. The colors of the bloom are VERY variable depending on season/weather conditions. Sometimes, very much like its parent Peace, most times very orangy-pink. It doesn't get any disease here either :D Hopefully it will be a superstar in Dallas as well!

Here's a pic :)

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Is this sale online? Sounds like a great sale!

Cherry Parfait was a blackspot magnet for me, also not much growth

Belinda's Dream is a WONDERFUL rose!

Added Sugar Moon bareroot this year, and seems to be doing great!

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ilovemyroses(8 Dallas TX)

seil, yea! great information...i plopped them all in pots where I thought I'd put them, and think I will rethink UNCLE JOE...I saw this at a shower's house, and it was spectacular! I'm glad to hear what you say about DD, as I hear some call it Double Disappointment...I am not too particular about spotting on leaves, so long as the bloom is good...or I wouldn't have MANY of my roses!

Harmony, I agree with you on America..not a color I usually fall for, but this is beautiful, and a needed blending color in my garden. Glad you like them all! I am new into modern roses, but a few that I have bought are changing my snobbish old thoughts, and I love the blooms!!!

lovemysheltie, WOW! great picture. I hear many think Chicago Peace is the best of the Peace family, this is a second for me, both this year, just couldn't resist the size and health and shape of this $10 plant!! Looking forward to see if it lives up to it's reputation for me.

TNY78, no, not online, at Calloways Nursery in DFW area, I went to five locations and expected to see crowds, or at least a FEW people for this one day only sale, just saw one lady coming in for the sale leaving with four roses...the clerks all didn't seem to have noticed selling many roses (I asked, wondering about the event). One clerk said a man came in and bought twenty knockouts...no loss for me! At Memorial Day, they list them for 70% off, but after yesterday they are back to 30%. What IS it?? Why doesn't EVERYONE love ROSES??? I just don't get it!!

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Because roses have the rap as being "difficult" and "expensive" to grow. People don't want to waste their time and resources on maintaining "difficult, fussy" plants. Most have prickles which draw blood and many are avoiding such plants. Many don't have the land necessary to support many (if any) roses and even fewer are caring to devote their "free time" to taking care of plants. Think back to last year's heat and drought. Add spraying for pests and diseases, the often promoted heavy feeding regimen, routine pruning and deadheading, etc. I know, they don't HAVE to be all that, but that is often the public perception. I have a gardening client here who is an elderly retired nurse. She's never "gardened" before but likes her yard to be pretty. I gave her a few roses, even though she calls herself a "black thumb". They scared her, but I told her just to hit them with the hose when she watered the pots on her patio and leave the rest to me. I saw them yesterday and they were HUGE, full of blooms, no disease (excellent climate, location and selection for the site, as they receive NO care) and stood out like beacons in her ground cover. We laughed like loons remembering her initial fears and resistance. I wish it was easier to get more people to select the right one for the right place and just leave it to do its thing. Kim

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Cherry Parfait has been a star for me - it flowers as consistently as anything I have. Climbing America is one of my favorites; robust, fast growing. Not entirely cane hardy here but it bounces back like few others. I think you'll really like both of those. Just planted Belinda and Double Delight myself.

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ilovemyroses(8 Dallas TX)

roseseek. yes, you are right, I try to educate people as best I can when they stop by. A few are put off by the occasional BS or such...they expect maybe the rose to look like a rounded boxwood topiary with a dozen florist roses stuck in it?? I dunno, that is alot to ask of any plant! I do get so frustrated with landscapers foregoing perfect rose conditions in the yards they care for WEEKLY...with boxwood...maybe the occasional oakleaf hydrangia...(which i love). Anyway...I concur with all you said...

ptboise, good to hear that about Cherry Parfait. Love this touched color on the edges of some of these. Just MARVELOUS!! EDIBLE!! and Climbing America?? why don't I know this rose?? I rarely buy something I have never heard of, but COULDN'T put this huge, healthy, blooming $10 plant down!! (sorry to brag, but wow!! such luck!)

Now the hard part...digging holes...and DH is worn out from a boy scout hike! So, I sit, at the computer...'researching'! :)

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Just took a chance this year on two Pink Promise. Hadn't heard of them before. You are in for a real treat. These are beauties! Sweet fragrance, perfect form, and slow opening so you can enjoy the beautiful buds. They withstood full sun without burning - even it Phoenix heat (It's already hit 100 degrees this year!) I am in love with these bushes!

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

I wish I could find your half price sale!

I think next season I will pick up a Chicago Peace, we have Peace and it is one of Mom's favorites and the only really happy body bag rose we bought a few years ago.

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ilovemyroses(8 Dallas TX)

dusty...great!! I debated this one, as it wasn't in bloom, and I do have a few pink roses!! :) but, as you describe it, this IS a great rose...and we have the heat, too. ouchie! NOT looking forward to it! oh, I can't wait!

Kippy, I do hope these Chicago Peace are nice for Dallas. They are in prime spots, so we shall see! Yes, I would have loved to have shopped with someone who was as enthusiastic as I was!! I was giddy!! And finding Uncle Joe, one I glued in my memory when I first saw it, I was thrilled!! And just took a chance on anything pretty. Left STAINLESS STEEL or STERLING SILVER ( I forgot!) behind, and another soft mauve rose...and JFK (may regret that, but I really want PJP for a white...and have Pascali that does well), many yellow roses were left behind...just not that interested and have Graham Thomas, GC, and that is plenty for yellow...

...I know I am rambling, but after working all day getting roses in the ground, I can't MOVE! but, I can type!

Anyway, thanks for sharing my enthusiasm!! ilmr

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Hey, ilovemyroses, next time, let me know, I'll go with you! Did you go to the Lewisville store and clean them out? Guess I'll wait until Memorial Day and give it a try...

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JessicaBe(5-6 Central Ohio)

If you get pricked then that means your working HAHAHA a little blood won't kill ya, I am finding out that roses aren't that hard to take care of but I like for something to keep me busy so I don't know :)

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seil zone 6b MI

I always tell people that roses are perennials and ask them if they have any other perennials in their gardens. Of course they do, lilacs, hydrangeas, azaleas, rhodies, peonies and such. Then I tell them roses need all the same things that those plants do, sunlight, water, fertilizer and a hair cut once in a while. When they ask me why I'm out there every day I tell them because I WANT to be not because I HAVE to be. I love being in my garden more than any place else and I'm retired and have the time to be out there enjoying it. And I exhibit. So I do spend extra time on my exhibition roses but even those would continue to bloom beautifully if I stopped pampering them. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not, but I try!

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ilovemyroses(8 Dallas TX)

ogrose, i mainly hit north dallas and plano, farmers branch, richardson areas. so have at it in lewisville!! they may honor the sale tomorrow, too.

jessica, you bet I see lots of blood!! geez, the scars I will have, slit my leg reaching for a sale rose...but it was worth it!

seil, I know what you mean...people can't understand it, me in the garden all the time! I DO wonder what other people do in their spare time for relaxation?? I'd love to know what you do on those exhibition roses. I must get a bit pickier about mine, as something...ants?...nibbles at the buds and it is rare that I get an unscathed bloom. I keep thinking "ONCE I get these all in the ground I'll focus on grooming them more"...but I keep buying more and more and converting more grass to garden space!! Truly, OFF MY ROCKER!!!

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

My mom is 88, she is in the garden all day. Be it staying warm by hoeing or sitting in a chair in the sun reading. She enjoys it daily. My dad was a bit of a garden horder, so having the yard fixed up with garden rooms to sit in is new. We have places to sit all over for her. She is a health nut to start with, but I think her being outside keeps her going and strong. It sure beats spending your retirement watching TV all day.

I did not go and by out the garden centers today, but I did hit my favorite rummage sale. I hit the garden book section up big time! At $2 each it was better than trips to the library to pick up and return books. And I got some interesting ones.

(oh and I did pick up one rose on the way home....ooops)

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Re: Pink Promise - Mine is actually more of a cream than pink right now, though it does have some subtle pink tones. Kind of reminds me of a Pristine bush I had 12 years ago which was one of my favorites! I think I read that Pink Promise is more pale in the heat and becomes more pink in the cooler weather...which is fine with me. (Like getting two for one, right?) The coloring is so subtle and beautiful just like it is! I am very excited about these bushes. BTW...I used to have a Graham Thomas too, and it was also a favorite. The only old English rose I've grown. Beautiful fragrance!

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ilmr - sorry you didn't get to share the experience with someone else during your awesome find(s), but it sure is wonderful to have you share it with us!!! I'm such a penny pincher, I go nuts when I see great roses for a great sale, and feel impish and kind of like I'm "cheating" when I get them for those great prices. Cool that you're trying out some moderns, my next step is to do the opposite. All roses are beautiful - it's nice to be able to experience multiple kinds of them.

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ginni77(z 5)

Double Delight and Chicago Peace are two of my very favorite roses of all time. Both do great in my zone 5b garden (180 miles west of Chicago). DD smells so good and the blooms start out creamy white and get red on the edges as the sun shines on them. CP has the most beautiful colors and amazing big blooms. I love Cherry Parfait, beautiful blooms. And I've had the same Cl. America for 11 years and it just gets better and better. Early in the season the blooms remind me of HT's with a gorgeous upright bloom form and it blooms a lot, gorgeous deep coral colored blooms. All of these are very hardy!

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seil zone 6b MI
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