McLane vs. Stihl for Edging?

slipshoddonAugust 18, 2010

I just acquired a McLane Edger from my neighbor that was moving away and didn't need it anymore. It wasn't running but I cleared the carburetor blockage and tuned it up so it runs well now.

My question is has anyone used the traditional walk behind McLane edger and is there any advantage over a good quality string trimmer such as Stihl for edging the drive and side-walks?

I think the trimmer may be faster and easier, but I always admired the McLane 4-cycle edger when I was young. I've been trying it out and the blade tends to rub against the concrete. Maybe I need more practice with the tool, but will this gradually chip or damage the pavement over time? The blades are cheap so I'm not too worried about replacement cost, just the edge of my drive and walkways.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Since you have a freebie, makes sense to use it. Mclane makes quality products. Personally, I think stick edgers are the way to go if speed and quality are your top concerns.

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