Stihl 018 Starting Problem

WisCheeseHeadAugust 4, 2011

I will try and cover all things checked/replaced.

Dealer replaced Fuel line and filter. Sat for 2 weeks and wouldn't start. I replaced gas and carb. Saw started right away and ran a few minutes and stopped. Replaced fuel line, filter and Stihl Motomix fuel (92). Replaced the ignition module today. Saw started on the 2nd pull and slowly quit. Before I run out and buy a new saw,

the new carb has a "tower" and o-ring. The old one did not have this feature. The new carb # is 1130 120 0603 B. Is this just a "dummy" not used on all saws?

I love mechanical work on cars, but this has me really "stumped". (No pun..)

Thank you for any thoughts!


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The new style air filter boxes are dirt cheap on e-bay that
handle the newer style carbs, I sell them there as well.

But I would suggest you put the old coil back on, as the
newer coils are different from the old ones, and also, pull the muffler and look at the piston, tell us what you see.


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Ordered the new air filter housing 1130 140 2800.
I was using the old box with the new carb design. DUH!
Hope this solves the problem.

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turnkey4099(SE WA)

Check (if it can be done) the fuel cap for a plugged up vent. Pretty hard to tell if it is so I have just replaced the cap a time or two in the past.

This doesn't happen often but when all else has been looked at...

Harry K

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