New compost bed on top of sheet plastic?

bibbus(7b)April 12, 2014

I've had black plastic covered with mulch over what was a part of my yard of Bermuda grass and weeds. The black plastic has been in place for two winters and one or maybe even two summers. I want to put a compost pile on this site where I will eventually expand it into a raised bed. Can I compost on top of the sheet plastic or does it need the soil underneath? My plan is to use a purchased wire compost bin. I usually line it with cardboard so the leaves and other materials don't fall out. Is this doable? I can cut a hole in the plastic if needed but I would rather keep the plastic intact.

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Contact with soil isn't nessary. The only undesirable effect I can think of caused by plastic is if the bin/bed is in a deep depression in the yard, lack of ample drainage could result.

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Making compost on top of a sheet of plastic would not be a problem since com0post is made in tumblers that have no ground contact at all. However, plastic does create drainage problems and limits the exchange of air the soil under it needs.

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You might want to poke a couple holes in it to let excess water drain into the soil.

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