Are there some good alternatives to the Echo SRM-225

polecat009August 7, 2010

I currently own a Echo SRM-210 gas trimmer, which has been a good unit, I have put a U- turn head on this unit to enable me to have easier reloads of my line far easier than the previous head. I would like to know if there are other gas line trimmers than the SRM-225 on the market now for what I have in price of this unit around 200-225 dollars. I have had problems in starting this unit I have heard that they have carb problems often. Are there some good alterantives to the Echo-225 on the market for the same features as I have on this unit out on the market now.

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Pole: Where did you get that Information from a Stihl Dealer lol . Nothing wrong with the 225 Model , dollar for dollar one of the best units out there . If you are referring to all new trimmer's and the EPA issues , yes all new units of all Manufacturers have different starting techniques than previous due to leaner burning engines .
To answer your question there are numerous other Models Tanaka , Honda . Stihl , Husky that would be competitive within your needs . Pricing will be equal or slightly higher than the Echo Model dependant upon sourcing .

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SRM 210 will last 10+ years if maintained properly.

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A Weed-Eater 1400 1990 will last 20 + Yrs if maintained whats your Point ?

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My local Toro Dealer has a dumpster just for the Weedeaters,Poulans etc that he gets for repairs.Junk man does not even want them.

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Nothing wrong with Weed-Eater 1400 or some Poulan Chainsaws , keeping in mind what their limitations are . I have worked on enough to know ! Won't put them in Commercial Grade lol , but you only get what you play for . Paid $99.00 (New) for my Weed-Eater still running over 25 yrs later . Have friends who bring me their Poulan Play Saws and they are still running 10-12 yrs later , I agree with a lot more maintenance but for the occasional user their fine . When my piece of junk Trimmer finally quits I'll pick up a Echo-225 !

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I've had good luck with Stihl products so i've replaced all my older equipment with stihl. I have a fairly new KM110 and I absolutely love this Kombi unit. All of my Stihl equipment is quite easy to start. I think the Stihl FS55R or FS56 will be about the same price as your echo.

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Den: I to are a Proud Owner of Stihl Product MS-361 . Former Husky Man (converted) actually from Pioneer out of necessity . Had a 348-HP which I loved but my Son Borrowed it "forever" . I have only ran 1 Stihl Trimmer and it was a commercial unit . Great Unit . I have worked on a few Husky and Echo's and numerous Weed-Eaters . Once you find a good dealer or pricing I also try to standardize .

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