My generator left me down

baymee(LehighValleyPA)August 30, 2011

I specifically bought a used generator that could produce 220V to power my well pump.

Wouldn't you know it, it wouldn't start when I needed it during the Hurricane. It worked great last Summer when I went over it, but not when I needed it.

It uses points and condensor (Briggs), but I'm going to look around the barn for a modern flywheel and coil.

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Ouch. Add that one to your pre-storm checklist. Hope all is okay.

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All is fine. Some in the city still don't have power. My hat is off to the linemen who are usually unseen but do a great service to us all.

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Glad to hear only the Generator was a point of concern Bro ! Hope all goes smoothly during the aftermath , quite a Storm , got pieces of info on CNN at Fishing Camp .

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Good all is well except the sick engine. We all have to appreciate and thank our crews that get us going and keep us going during challenging situations.

Please give some of the engine's past, present history and etc (age, model, what symptoms the B&S shows since you checked it). Did you start it periodically with treated fuel since you checked it? Since you mentioned points and condenser I feel it goes back to my days!! Probably in the 80s I started adding the B&S electronic ignition kits to replace points/condensers. Mainly due to wear and oil blow-by that was affecting the points. loger

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I'll have to look at it next week. It ran fine two Summer's ago when I bought it at an auction. I kept everything dry and gas-free since then. I don't suspect the carb because I took it off and checked everything.

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This is just me but I have hard time starting anything left in storage without priming the crap out of it. I just don't like to pull my shoulder out, so I limit it to 4 or 5 pulls??? would it hit when you primed it??? I would suspect the Condenser if it not getting fire? if it getting fire I would then suspect the carb. not pulling fuel through the carb. or up from the tank??????? my 34 year old tiller wouldn't start after two years of storage (outside) finely had to change the condenser it wouldn't fire.

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Try running the generator on natural gas! Ours at the Fire Company does, and starts every time. Of course, yearly maintenance helps a lot, too. Oil changes, etc.

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No fooling.My HM100 powered 5kw barely spins on its recoil starter. After a 5 yr nap, it fired enough to let me know the ignition works. Right away, the trouble shooting process is cut in half. I bought the Coleman after Gloria in 85. I have only run a a tank full of gas through it in actual use. I loaned it to my nephew to build my sister's house. Prolly has less than 50 hrs on it. I'm gonna be looking at the coil /flywheel/ starter from a big TVS from an old Ariens to convert it to electric start.

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I got in the mood to look at my generator tonight, since now all my concrete and underground conduit work is done and I can think again.

When I looked the points, they were severely worn with a gap around .035. Checked the condensor and the kickback wasn't strong. Installed new points and condensor and gapped at .020 and the engine started right up.

That was the problem.

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