Flex-Able Hose, Pocket Hose, XHose

mrtulinMay 19, 2013

I'm starting a new thread on this product that was originally mentioned on the "hose reel" topic.
I have no reason whatsoever to doubt the excellent review of the person who originally mentioned this 'amazing shrinking/expanding hose' .

However, there are real shenanigans going on in the on-line reviews and sales. The names are used interchangably. When mail order purchasers /users wrote furious reviews on amazon about the hose blowing out (after one use, one month, two months) some one responded the "real " one is by Dap.and is sold only in bricks and mortar stores, and costs a bit more. This is what the original poster said.
However, googling :"Dap- Flex-Able hose" the first entry is a review by Consumer Reports which contradicts all the comments from amazon's angry consumers....it concluded that the "pocket hose" was best, and that all three (named in this subject line) were good.
I'm curious about "Dap" manufacturer.
I also find it weird that the original manufacturer didn't have a patent and that "imitations" came on the market so fast, and seemed to usurped the internet reviews.

Think I'll go to the 'irrigation' forum and see if anyone used it there. And though I very rarely go to Target, I'm tempted to just to see the product. I don't think they can decline to replace a defective product, unless their guarantee is just the manufacturers guarantee.
I'm not usually so skeptical, but something is off here.

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

I know I've already put my 2 cents in on the other post, but I have to mention here that I had the "pocket hose" first, went through 2 from Target and returned both b/c they were defective and fell apart. The outer shell is much thinner on the pocket hose than the product I replaced it with, which is the darker green Flex-able hose, which I love and wouldn't be without. I haven't used the X-hose personally, but my research turned up that it was the original hose from DAP that is supposed to be good quality. Target says that it carries the X-hose online and in store. I would like to take a look at that one, also, to compare it with my Flex-able hose. From what I have gleened, there are plenty of knockoffs that are low quality and some are even sold under the X-hose name. In summary, not sure about the X-hose, hate the Pocket Hose, love, love the Flexable hose!

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Thanks from one rubber hose user with a sore rotater cuff....

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We've had a Pocket Hose for a couple of months and really love it. I've never had a 50 foot hose that was so easy to move around. While the jury is still out on how long it will last, we are hoping to get a season or two out of it. The ease of use and light weight make it worth even a few extra dollars.

We bought ours from a local large grocery store chain.

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Here's an amazon review from March 2013
Dap doesn't sell the X-hose to Amazon, there are at least three Manufacturers that are making knock offs, and they are of very poor quality.
You will have to buy the original at a brick and mortar store. The actual Dap Brand is of very high quality and comes with a 1 year warranty.
I'm told by Dap they are taking legal action against those manufacturers for patent infringement. Dap actually ordered one from Amazon and got a knock off
in a bag. I'm a buyer for a Building Center and I can tell you, they can't possibly sell Dap Brand x-hoses at those prices. You get what you pay for, unfortunately your not getting what the internet states on amazon(Dap brand), you are receiving a much cheaper quality knock off.

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mxk3(Zone 6 SE MI)

Re: Amazon. Is the hose being sold directly through Amazon or through third-party sellers? Just an FYI: It is not unheard of to get fakes (of whatever) from third-party sellers through Amazon. If Amazon is the direct seller - well, not sure what's going on with the hose there.

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

It's through a third-party seller and is a knock-off, from what I have gathered. X-hose by DAP does not sell their hose through Amazon.

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

I maintain gardens in more than one location and needed a hose only occasionally as most sites are fully irrigated. My local Ace hardware sells the Dap hose for $39.95. A building supply in the neighboring town sells the pocket hose for $21.95, both 50 footers. I chose the cheaper hose and carry it in a canvas bag in the back of the truck. I only use it occasionally and am quite satisfied. Al

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I bought the 50' lime green pocket hose from Bed Bath & Beyond for 15.00 with a 5. coupon. So far working great. After reading this post I found a video on YouTube where a guy did a side by side test for things like water flow, leaks, stretching power, etc. with the X-Hose. They were pretty much identical with the Pocket Hose coming out ahead for waterflow. I've saved my receipt and will return it if there are any problems but if I get one season out of it for 15 bucks I'll be happy.

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I've seen mixed reviews on these hoses as well, but for the Pocket Hose, most seem to be pretty positive. I like how easy it is to use and it really does shrink and expand like it's supposed to which is nice.

I've only had mine for a few months so far so it's too early to say how long it will last, but even if it gets me through a few seasons, that is perfectly fine with me. It's an inexpensive hose to begin with so replacing it (if needed) won't be a big deal to me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pocket Hose review

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eclecticcottage(6b wny)

My wonderful DH got me the pocket hose, and it has worked well so far this season. Which is good because the barrel I was using as a hose storage was invaded by starlings trying to nest in it and I had to put it away until spring is over, lol. It takes a little doing to use three of them together,and to use them with a sprinkler, but once you figure it out, it's great.

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These hoses have very different quality that can be told easily with feeling of them. The Dap (Xhose) is better stuff..
They are all of the same basic design. A tubular bladder of expandable material inside, and a wrinkled (in order to accomodate the length extension) outer casing that limits the diammeter to which the inner tube can grow.
I bought a "pocket Hose" at CVS. It was a 2 for 1 deal, so I had to get a bunch of ectra connections to get the best price on the length I wanted.
I hooked the ugly green thing up, and near the faucet end, it puffed up like a snake on pinto beans! I said to myself, "Self" this ain't right. It wasn't; because then the embolism ruptured and water went most everywhere. It was sort of an interesting show, until I reflected on the ticket price. I tried the other one, and it did not wait to form a new outlet point, so was not nearly as entertaining. It just shot water all over Hades!
CVS refunded my money with no argument, and I went to a place where I could compare the Dap version, and it was obviously better made of better stuff. Plus, the "pro" version has brass hardware rather than the cheapo plastic. It cost some more, but the old rule "One gets what he pays for" is apparently still in affect. You might want to get the "Pocket" hose for the entertainment, but I doubt it.

ED Heath
PS If there are two from me, I'm sorry. I tried to edit on the "review" page, and IT blew up on me. I don't know where the first one went, if anywhere.

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I have a pocket hose that I use in the winter to fill our 35 ft waterfall, runs year round. I got it last winter, used a flat hose the year before and a normal garden hose the prior year. For my purpose, something that I have to bring inside to keep from freezing, there isn't even a comparison, love the pocket hose for it's convenience. I used the pocket hose probably 10-12 times during very bad weather and loved the convenience of it. Haven't had any issues with quality but haven't used it routinely.

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Ed, your post made me laugh....is "snake full of pinto beans" a local expression? really funny!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Very funny post, Ed. Started my day with a real laugh!

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The Xhose Pro is supposed to be an improvement with thicker, heavier fabric on the hose and brass fittings on both ends. However, the Xhose Pro does not seem to be available.

I ordered the Xhose Pro directly from their website at http://www.xhose.com. I ordered it on June 15, 2013 and I have not yet received it.

I sent an email to their customer service and instead of getting an answer they told me to call a phone number. Obviously, they do not want anything they say to be documented in writing. Otherwise, they would have responded by email.

I called the number and a live agent did answer. I did not have to wait on hold very long. The agent told me that the Xhose Pro is back-ordered. I told him that their order status web page is not updating with any information. He said that the order status page only has two statuses, "In Process" and "Shipped". The agent never took any information from me to look up my order with. He said that my order would be shipped in about a week. That was one week ago when he told me that and I still do not have my Xhose Pro.

I will wait a bit longer but if I do not get my order soon, I am probably going to report to authorities that this company has been collecting credit card information and does not seem to have the advertised product.

They have not charged my credit card but they should not be collecting credit card information for a product they do not have. This company has probably collected millions of consumer's credit card numbers. I am wondering what they have in plan. I sure hope my credit card information is being kept secure.

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I have the Pocket Hose and love it. No major problems so far, but the little valve at the end broke off. I assume someone besides me dropped the hose and snapped it off. Haven't put a nozzle on it, and if you let go of the end while it's running, it will fly all over.

The Pocket Hose is so light it's just WONDERFUL!!!!!

I saw another brand at my local Armstrong Garden Center here in CA. I wonder if that was the "Dap" brand. Anyone know?

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Here is the real deal with these hoses. The "XHose" is either blue or black. This hose is noticeably thicker and a much better product than the "pocket hose". The "pocket hose" is a bright lime green. I own both.
The "Xhose" is the original product. It was at first sold at Home Depot for $39.95. After the cheap knock off's started rearing their heads, Home depot started selling the the inferior "pocket hose" The Bright green "Pocket hose" started falling apart after 3 or four uses. The "Xhose by Dap is holding up well even though it is older and seen much more use than the "pocket Hose" As with most things you get what you pay for.

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Today, I cancelled my order for the Xhose Pro. I order it on June 15, 2013. It was never shipped. I waited two months for it. My gardening season is almost over and that is what I wanted the Xhose Pro for. I canâÂÂt use the hose during the winter. I am very disappointed.

When I cancelled the order with customer service, I was not offered $10 off to keep the order as others have stated they were offered.

If anyone needs to contact customer service here is the phone number:

National Express Customer Service

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My neighbor has one of these. It's full of holes and now could be used as a drip irrigation hose. Beware if you have to drag it over anything rough. It rips easily.

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Campanula UK Z8

I have had a 50metre hose on a windable frame for 2 decades with no problems whatsoever....and suddenly, all these flexible, corkscrew, pocket hoses appear. Naturally, my early-adopter offspring try them and now, after 2 seasons of going through 4 different hoses, we are all back to using the original, weighs a ton, winding hose on a reel (which cost a ton back in the 90s but has given me over 20 years of problem free watering).

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Hi all,
Just to give you all a run down from a seller's point of view. I work at my family's Ace Hardware store. We sell both the pocket hose and the dap x-hose. I would say we get a return rate of 25% for the pocket hose, which is incredibly high. We are at the point where we decided not to get anymore in at this point. Selling quality items is more important to us. The Dap hose has a very low return rate. Although I have heard good and bad reviews on both, a lot of it comes down to the use and luck of the drawl. Some people have great reviews, others not so much. The information I have obtained is don't expect the pocket hose to last more than one season with moderate use. The customers for the most part like the Dap hose better. Obviously it is returned less. We do not sell the XPro, but I would recommend that if you can actually get it from the company. Brass fittings go a long way, and the thicker material will hold up much better. The main issue seems to be the plastic fittings cracking and leaking. The brass would eleviate that issue. All said and done, you may be one of the lucky ones who get a pocket hose that isn't defective right off the bat.
I personally would just get a garden coil hose. I have never had any issues with customers who have purchased that. It is also still light weight and relatively compact (though not as compact).
If you do buy a pocket hose, just go into it knowing there is a pretty good chance it will break sooner rather than later. Dap is a step up. However, if you want a hose to last many years, an old fashioned or coil hose are your best options. However, maybe the convenience of this hose is worth spending $20 plus on a hose every year. It just depends on each consumer.

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My Flex-Able sprang a HUGE leak after one use. Lowe's was kind enough to refund the purchase price.

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I just purchased the Flex-Able hose from Sam's Club. The package I bought is a two-pack. It has two 50 ft hoses and a spray nozzle. The price I paid was $29.98 plus sales tax. I have a garden plot at a local community garden and I hope that this hose will work for me. I have read a lot of bad reviews about all of these types of hoses. I will leave a comment in May or June to let others know how the Flex-Able hose worked out for me.

I tried to buy the Xhose Pro last year but I could not get the company to deliver it before the garden season was over. So, I cancelled the order and got a refund (see my earlier posts about this).

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

I think the feedback will be all over the place with these. It will be love or hate. I loved my flexhose last year. It was leaking this year around the connectors when I turned it on. Haven't had a chance to diagnose that, yet, to know if it just needs to be rethreaded, etc. Even so, I'd buy a new set every year, I liked mine that much.

A few tips for the newbies with these hoses:

1) Empty it out before you put it up each time.
2) Upgrade the rubber washers in them for a tighter seal (on the flexhose, at least) Didn't have to do that on the Xhose, though. Pocket Hose didn't make it that far for me, it's defin a lower quality than the other two. This will only cost you a few cents to buy a pack of rubber washers.
3) DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN the connectors, or they WILL break in your hands.
4) Don't spray paint the hose (seriously, LOL, don't ask!) It will immediately start working as a soaker hose.

Hope that helps for better success anyone that is considering these this year.

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geoforce(z7a SE PA)

I tried one of these and gave up rapidly. Decided it wasn't worth saving so it helped to fill a landfill somewhere.

On the other hand, I have one of the ones that collapse flat and reel up in a small reel, and it works ok. Not really long enough for most of my needs and would be really stupid to use several reels as that would defeat the reason you would want it in the first place. I keep it on the back porch to water containers in a hurry.

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>> I've saved my receipt and will return it if there are
>> any problems but if I get one season out of it for
>> 15 bucks I'll be happy.

But for forty five dollars you should get 75 feet and fifteen years!

>> A few tips for the newbies with these hoses:
>> 1) Empty it out before you put it up each time.
>> 2) Upgrade the rubber washers in them
>> 3) DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN the connectors

That is a lot of work for a toy hose, isn't it?.

This post was edited by cold_weather_is_evil on Thu, Mar 27, 14 at 15:11

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I have had two of these in less than two years. They tend to blow at the connection cuff and need to be handled delicately. They last longest if you extend the hose out, then turn the water on to fill it without having any kinks in it. And do not pull or whip the hose to straighten it out or you will hear that familiar pop, then see water squirting out a spot you are not using for watering. Novel idea but needs some work. Both of mine are in a landfill. I use the spiral coiled hoses with much better luck and longevity.

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

That is a lot of work for a toy hose, isn't it?

A lot of work is dragging around a full-sized hose that is back-breaking for all season, taking out plants left and right unless perfectly threaded in between them all. Upgrading the rubber washers takes seconds, tightening the connectors is in the inital setup (no extra work involved, but thinking is required for this exercise). As for emptying it out, that takes less time that cussing the full-sized one back into place via reel, muscle power, etc. and is much more pleasant a "chore". I usually just turn the hose off when I have 2 or 3 plants left to water, then continue to water them until hose is empty. Voila, done!

So, in answer, No, no extra work at all. :)

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Much better "breaking your back" working with a quality garden hose that will last for years, instead of paying for a Reach-Into-Your-Wallet Hose that has to be replaced every year or running around attempting store returns, griping to the manufacturer etc.

Cheap crappy hoses just aren't worth my time and trouble. In general I think all garden hoses are evil and want to tangle, knot, damage your plants and spray you when your back is turned, but crummy ones are even more evil.

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Do we all have a love/hate relationship with hoses? LOL! What would we do without them, but they really can be a pain.
I have both. We invested in multiple 50' heavy rubber hoses years ago and they have been great. We stretch a couple out permanently during the season through shrubs to where we need them so we don't have to continually drag them around. The others we do have to drag around and put back into place when done. The issue I have with these huge hoses is they do take a lot of space when they're coiled up and they are SO heavy.

I do like the flexable hoses because they are so light they are just tons easier for hand watering and when I'm done I hide them in my potting bench. They shrivel up to nothing. I mentioned in an earlier post that we don't have the greatest of water pressure which is why I probably haven't had any issues with them bursting or failing. Maybe folks who have great water pressure would be best to turn on the spigot halfway to see how it goes. I do find the spray goes quite far even w/o good pressure.

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Does anyone have any feedback on the newer models made with latex? I purchased a 100 ft. expandable hose on ebay that claims to be an improved version of older models with metal connectors and a more durable inner hose made of latex. It's not the X-hose pro. The brand isn't specified but for $30, I was willing to risk it for the incredible convenience of a secondary hookup to a faucet in my garage.
So far, with about a dozen uses, I've had no problems with a 50ft Pocket hose which was a gift but needed something longer. (And no, I'm not giving up my "workhorse" hose. I know these lightweight hoses just can't take the abuse but it sure is nice not to lug that beast around for the other side of my property). Just wondered if anyone noticed a difference with the next generation.

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