Garage door:

rustyj14(W/PA)August 5, 2009

When i built the addition on my home, i designed it so i'd have a garage down-stairs. After i got it built, i had to find a fourteen foot wide door, which luckily i did!

Then i installed the door, tracks, springs, and all. But, due to the fact i had the ceiling height made higher to fit my trucks, etc., i had to add a length of 2x12 to the bottom.

So with added springing and bigger ones at that, i finally got it done, and it was fairly easy to raise it with one hand. Of course, i got older, and the door seemed to get heavier, and the springs and wheels lost some of their pizzaz, to where it got hard to lift.

So, one day last week, a friend stopped by, and we talked about the door. Then, he reached down, grabbed the handle, and that danged door went right up as easy as you please! And, he ain't any stronger than me!

I tell you- the place is haunted! The door is working as good as it did when i installed it. So, if ya have any cranky garage doors, let me knoe and i'll send my friend over to put the hex on it!

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Rusty you need a good garage door opener unless your friend lives close by.

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ironhat(So. Cent. PA)

Hey rustyj, I'm in Chambersburg. Could ya bring *your* buddy over for me? I prefer an experienced hand. Maybe you could drive hime to Johnstown and we could meet and do a swap. You can hold my cat for collateral!! (I know, hard decision. I'll give ya a day to think 'bout it)

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Well, the door was working great, until that same guy looked up at the low-overhead thingy, and tapped it over into alinement, and--yep--it messed it all up! This was several days later, after my posting! GRRR! And, the friend is spending a week at Cape Henlopen, so i can't call him! RATS!

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And, of course, the very next day, it almost ran off the back end of the tracks, without any hang-ups!
I tell you--it is haunted!

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