Snapper RP21875 Self-Propelled Mower - Dealer woes!

eighteenlmslcsr(WI)August 5, 2010

Snapper RP21875 Self-Propelled Mower - Dealer woes! :dizzy:

I chose to purchase the new 8.75 (torque) (approx. 6 3/4 - 7 hp) (B&S)

Snapper from my local dealer in SE WI.

I paid $577 which I felt was a pretty decent price for this machine.

It was picked up on Tuesday 080310 at approx. 5pm CST

I did not use the mower on Wends. it sat on the trailer in the garage.

I took the mower with today 080510 to begin usage of it.

I get to the 1st client around 9am and pull the start string and she fires right up.

I look down at the hardware at the spinning disk and notice the bolts are rattling loose. No biggie I tighten everything up and am off mowing. WOW! what a great cut and all the POWER!:rolleyes::laugh:

I mow the rest of the lawns for the day and realize at the end of the day the hardware has once again all come loose. Ugh!

I stop by the dealer, as I'm only a few blocks from them and convey how I'm not happy with the setup. They are cordial and try to offer apologies and offer to give some lock nut parts to use as substitutes.

I'm back at the shop and realize all the stuff is the wrong stuff for this mower.:laugh:

I decide to get the right stuff on my own and to use blue loctite.

Problem solved.

I go to change the oil and the dipstick shows half empty. I drain into container and realize dealer only put 9-10 oz. of oil in engine. Refill and drain again. I refill to 18- 20 oz. ( per manufactures directions) and realize it is not even the correct dipstick. Shows double the amount of oil level.

I'm rather irritated by now.

What would you fellows do in this situation?

Should I return the mower and ask for refund?

Is it possible the engine sustained damage from lack of oil?

Is it better to just keep the mower now that it is set up?



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Return it 100%. The reason you pay a price premium for a Snapper over the big box store folks is for: A. Quality, B. Proper setup of rig, and C. Service. You are getting none of that w/ this particular cutter and that particular dealer.

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Yes, take it back. The dipstick should have a part number on it, compare it to the part number of the IPL for the motor.

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Eighteen: Yes Bring it back ! Get the Owner not a Sale Rep . Explain the Situation and the Potential for engine damage and loose and improper replacement fasteners etc. Request a New Properly Set up and Serviced Mower . Note: Never Buy any Mechanical Equipment on a Friday lol !~)

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080610 Up Date:
Got up extra early on Friday so as to be at the dealership before they opened. I hoped to meet with the individual who sold me the mower and to address the concern at hand.
He was in and was willing to talk 1/3 hr. before the doors even opened for business. That's always a good sign.
I was cordial and spoke very softly without blame.
Conveyed my findings and my lack of satisfaction.
They brought another dipstick outside and tested the engine with that one. Oil level showed 1/2" higher then the highest mark.
A few accusations and general underhanded remarks form the fellow and he drained the oil in front of me and refilled.
He then cussed for a bit when he realized he received the same results.
He took it to the main shop and was gone for a while. He returned and explained for some reason the engine was not willing to drain all the way and they had finally had to tip it upside down too get all the residual (liquid gold) out.

They then replaced the oil and it was at the right level.

That was all that transpired. I've done about a decades worth of equipment purchases / supplies with this dealer and that was there conclusion.

The machine is fully warrantied for the remainder of the season so I'll keep a close eye on it. On a side note it ran great and cut all day Friday.


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Eighteen: Apparently You are a Gluten for Punishment "Underhanded Remark" That is exactly why you go to the BOSS . This Dealership will continue to have less than adequate SERVICE . 1st problem lies within the Mechanic's in the back who did not service the unit properly. Loose fasteners are a indication that this shop does a poor representation of Quality Assurance Inspection . Probably don't utilize their Torque Wrench's all that Often either . Secondly giving you lock washers or fibre insert nuts after the fact was again shabby . It was their responsibility to install them . As for incorrect dipstick , that again should have been identified in the pre inspection . Unfortunately all you have done is enable further second class work . If you had requested to see the Owner or at least the Service Manager and explained the situation , appropriate corrective action would have been taken within this establishment to reduce similar potentially hazardous situations in the future . Note: Having to turn the mower upside down when there is a drain plug clearly positioned under the engine block within the mower deck shroud is ridiculous , another example of their over the top excellence of execution lol . Good Luck with the New Mower Dude .

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Mr. Ewalk I think you are naive. The local dealer has probably just hired an employee who was recently been fired by the vilified local big box store for drug use, alcholism or theft.

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Evd: Most Likely Right after he mugged his guidance counselor lol !

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