how to post pictures

wally2q(L40, Ontario)May 8, 2007

Just in case anyone is wondering....

1. Create a Photo-Bucket account:

2. Upload photos you want, into your photobucket account (try not to upload these big 10 megapixel pictures you have - rescale them to a manageable size like 800x600, or 640x480)

3. View your photos in photobucket; you'll notice 3 boxes beneath each photo... labelled: URL link, HTML tag, and IMG Code.

4. Pick the middle one (HTML Tag) box, and highlight (single click) the little text string inside the box, that has the text string: "href=http:\\....." etc. Make sure you copy the entire string, including the "a" and the "less-than" sign before it.

5. Press "CTRL-C" on your keyboard (copies the text into your computer's memory)

6. Start a new message on this forum, and put the cursor where you want your photo to be placed (in relation to the text you just wrote).

7. Press "CTRL-V" on your keyboard (pastes the link you copied before)

8. When you preview the message, you should see the photo

you're done....

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Thanks wally, the easiest instructions I seen so far. I'll have to try it some time and post picture of my famed 89 LT4000.

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Thank you so much for the instructions which actually worked for me. I've been struggling with this concept but your instructions worked quickly. I too will save them.

Thanks again for sharing your expertise!

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As this thread has helped many a novice learn how to post pictures, I thought I would revive it.

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Ok Gang here is my attempt to post pictures of my 14 HP Kawasaki Engine.

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And of course we will overlook this "mis-posted" item in this thread. Newbies are forgiven for not knowing which buttons to push. Click the link to see the photos in their intended thread, or click out and get back to what you were doing before. :^)

Here is a link that might be useful: round & round we go

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