is it normal to a new trimmer smell like gas ?

tecnicoAugust 28, 2013

hello forum members, i bought a new hitachi straight trimmer after reading the great reviews , and upon un boxing noticed the fuel reservouir smells a bit like gas , eventhough it looks new : / also noticed the line protector has some marks on the inside as if the trimmer was used , cuz some line strikes apear on all the interior border of it , eventhough the line spool is in its plastic bag an seems not have been used : / , i called the store cuz the sales person told me if anything strange noticied or didnt work or anything could take it back, the person sold it was out of duty but the one answered told me that it should not smell gas in reservoir but that sometimes the companies randomly test their proucts and that mines could be one : ( . Have any of you had similar issues like this ? is he correct ? would apreciate your coments , thanks

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Tec; Most Manufactures are now Iso Certified and according to this criteria units are tested prior to shipment . Therefore the issues that you have questioned are evidence that your unit has been properly tested and passed this factory requirement. Sleep well you have purchased a Quality Trimmer .

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thanks and good to know it : ) , and would like is posible an advice; what is the best 50-1 oil for this

Hitachi 21 cc Straight Shaft Trimmer , CG22EASSLP

have seen many 50-1 oils on the store but which should i choose to get the best performance and protection: these are the options i have available at the stores

* Oregon 50-1
* Lucas 50-1 - 2 cycle semi synthetic smokeless oil
* Red Armour 50-1 oil

also have available to choose from

: Explorer 2 cycle oil ( that is the one they had at Sears )

and also have the option of Echo 2 cycle oil from Home depot , so which should i buy ? ( this last 2 are more far away to [purchase from my location : ( , but the others stated before are more near : )

found some links on some of these products

so what dou think about them ? : )

have read that ashless oil are for water cooled engines and low ash is for air cooled engine so upon that then the lucas oil would not be a option, correct ?

so would apreciate your advices uppon which is the best 50-1 oil for my trimer : )

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Tec: I personally would go with the Echo Oil Product of the Manufacturers that you have listed. I use Amsoil but it is a little harder to find . Also a synthetic Oil .

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