Predator engine???

snuffyinatlSeptember 21, 2012

Anyone on here ever used one of the Predator engines that Harbor Freight sells? Give me the good, bad and Thinking about getting one for a tiller with a blown Tecumseh...I don't use the tiller a whole lot, so a high dollar GX Honda isn't necessary. Just busting up a small garden area twice a year, maybe 35 feet by 50 feet.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

I been using that style engine November 2008 at that time called Greyhound they change to Predator 2 years ago but bacic same engine changes were meet pollution Laws. Make sure you get one that not Calf model they run too lean. There always coupon to help out with price I have seen Predator sell for 99.00 for few days may be 5 to 7 days last greyhound I bought was end line of that name was 72.00. They are a Honda made in china. Store in dry place, You want believe power on these engines. I have 4 now one in attic new in box. The go cart racers put heavier valve spring in engine run up to 4500 rpm's they still have 3 year warranty. On tiller because till engine a lot keep engine full oil it has low oil cut off. You order online from harbour freight.

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Hi snuffy, and question for gator? I have a predator 212 cc one for exactly the same reason. I have used it three times. I am not sure what to think yet. The engine starts and runs smoothly, but I am having trouble with it stalling after it starts to bog down with a little too much resistance. I have occasionally had similar problems using this Horse rototiller with my original Techumsah engine and a carb adjustment has improved the situation, but this unit doesn't really have adjustments.

Gator, I was wondering if you had any thoughts? I cannot seem to reverse the stall even if I decrease, (or if I am quick enough, completely remove) the load. I can restart immediately if I set the engine to half speed and then set to top speed. I am usually plowing previously worked areas.

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I put one on my old troybilt horse. I overfilled it w/ oil to try to keep the lowoil sensor from shutting it down. Finally had to disconnect the low oil sensor when tilling very deep. Other than that it seems to be a good engine, I guess time will tell.

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Wound up getting the engine for 96 bucks, out the door. Got it home, oiled and gassed it, and it started on first pull and runs great! Now to get it mounted on my tiller...and see what shes got! lol

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

chas045 Take engine back to harbour freight they give new engine. I don't nowhere live but calif. models have no adjustment. Being new just return in Box best it has barcode. They should roll new one up to desk. These engine 6 1/2 horse power with overhead valves makes them very strong. Go to store in time frame 9 am to 4 pm if can manger floor should be there during week.

Be positive you not over tilting engine the low oil cut off kill engine set tiller gauge in third notch and try it again on level ground.

They want crank back until level engine.

Don't take wires off low oil switch this where a lot Tecumseh engine die.

as till in third notch ground soften and tire bog in soft soil next pass.

Hill side tilling till down hill.

sorry so late responding.

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Gator and mla2ofus and others, I don't see an indication of the oil level switch or whatever it is. Can you tell me where it is? I would certainly not leave the circuit off except for testing since I ran my nice Techumseh engine out of oil, but I would certainly like to know if that was the cause of my stalling problem before I returned my engine for no good reason.

It is certainly true that I have often been in deep tilling mode when it has stalled out (5th notch setting), and the engine is already tilted back just sitting on the garage floor. However, I think I stalled a couple of times in third notch as well, since I assumed it would decrease the resistance. The odd thing, is that the way I would remove resistance was to lift the tines out of the soil. I am sure that this must have tilted the engine back toward level. Does the switch take a couple seconds to turn on again? That would explain it I guess.

I guess I will take the tiller out tomorrow and rest it on a high point and tilt it back and see if I can reproduce the stall and failure to immediately recover issue.

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Mine is a greyhound engine. The low oil shutoff is located right next to the on/off switch. the wire connections are located inside a small black snap together housing. I disconnected the wire that comes from the crankcase. If they've changed the location on the predator then this is no help to you.
I keep mine overfilled by running the oil fill side tire up on a 2x4 and fill to the top of the fill spout, which on mine is down on the side of the crankcase showing the actual oil level. Haven't seen or heard any adverse effects.


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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

The odd thing, is that the way I would remove resistance was to lift the tines out of the soil. I am sure that this must have tilted the engine back toward level. Does the switch take a couple seconds to turn on again?

Yes I never can save mind from shutting off I level mind wait few seconds and fire right back up if level go pulling on crank rope and choking usual flood engine with gas but no start I think long few seconds before fire back up.

I have 2 grey hounds one on horse one on junior the junior has very small wheels hard tires I can go deeper junior because small wheels. I have one predator new in shop attic waiting may put that on troy bilt cultivator I have. The junior and cultivator models use 3 1/2 horse engines. Junior had engine with reverse pulley but now it doesn't no reverse so small no problem and extract 3 hp just find.
HF engine very strong they compete with 10 horsepower flat head engine.
2x4 good ideal.

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Thanks for the info guys. Yes mla2ofus, my wiring is in the same location and I will check it out. I just got back from tilting my horse extra far back on a slope while not in gear and unfortunately I wasn't able to make it stall. I didn't get carried away though. But I guess that Gators experience with identical stalling effects to mine make it still the probable cause.

I have a second question however. I have only run the tiller for three sessions and on at least the second and third tillings, and today on unloaded full speed running, the engine surges dramatically every second or so via the governor. The governor drops the throttle either to, or almost to, closed and then back to full speed in that second or two and will continue until loaded (I think).
It would be nice to know what would likely cause this surging on such a new engine. Does anyone have a useful explanation?

I am certainly prepared to return it. I saw the paperwork for it around here somewhere two weeks ago. By the way, H.F. charged me extra for the year warranty! But if the next engine might do either of these things again so soon, it would be good to know what to do about it.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

The surge in governor lean engine thanks to pollution laws there not much help. Main jet just too small if had screw to adjust main jet just back out until runs smooth.
All new engines have this problem keep additive like seafoam in gas so jet stays clean any coating cause problem less gas into engine.

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I thought I would update you guys on what I have learned about my, engine.

First, unfortunately is a little stupidity on my part. I had adjusted the max speed stop screw up some, hoping to prevent the stalling issue before hearing about the oil switch issue. The governor is set low to match the lower speed, and the major surge was just the governor doing its job to keep the speed a little lower.

However, after adjusting the max speed back, I found moderate surging continued at any setting. I did some googling and found a couple nice sites from go cart people and others on the HF engines that I now know are also called Honda Clones. Our Predator/Greyhound 6.5 HP HF engines are similar to the GX200 Honda engine and presumably use that engine's carburator. These carbs are available on line for $12-15-37. One can also get oversize jets and various emulsion tubes.

The go cart guys always have trouble with the oil cut off and disconnect them. They almost always complain about surging and increase the jet size. They also do other exciting things to really crank up speed and occasionally shatter (perhaps under-designed) flywheels. Always good to have extra ways to break a few body parts.

Anyway, I had been worried about getting carb kits etc. and now I know where to get stuff like that, and engine parts too if I didn't just want to go grab another engine for $99, which is the store price in the flyer that came out a few days ago.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Good post on engine the go karter down here change valve springs stronger go up to 4500 rpm's still have 3yr. warranty that there tail not mind lol.
You need to join yahoo troybilttiller group dot com make that into link Bill Rodger is dealer in Va. I think he has phone number there on site if own troybilt tiller its best place to be again thanks for report back.

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