Compost infraction!

LloydApril 3, 2012

I'm guessing most of the American members might have seen this commercial during the Super Bowl but us canucks don't get the U.S. commercials (our networks sub in Canadian commercials). I just saw this one, brought tears of laughter.


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ROFL - Thanks for sharing :-D

There's another video I came across recently that had me laughing out loud. Fair warning: there are a lot of foul words (bleeped out), but so many things they say could have been taken right off this forum and the vermicomposting forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sh*t Weekend Farmers Say

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LesIsMore1(4/5 - Colorado)

That's awesome!

(I never watch TV - never would have seen that, if you hadn't posted it, thanks!


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emmers_m(9a/Sunset 7 N Cal)


You made my night (last night). I love it! Thank you!


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leira(6 MA)

OK, Lloyd, that's kinda awesome.

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HA HA tracy... I love that video. I`ve posted it here too. I found it in pro topics somewhere. Put it on idig and lo and behold admin deleted they`re certainly getting a lot of views. I also thought it sounded a lot like the forum here too...

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Both hilarious, but the prize goes to the weekend farmers!

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