Azure Rush "better" than Rozanne?

rouge21_gw(5)May 1, 2013

We all know the mostly well deserved popularity of the ubiquitous Rozanne geranium. But for many of us it is too rambling. I see that "Azure Rush" is a relatively newer geranium of Rozanne parentage but is advertised as being (much) more compact but still very floriferous like Rozanne. I am wondering if any of you, maybe more likely our European GW members, have had experience with "Azure Rush".

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No, but this is the second year of Havana Blues also a blue clumper, not sprawler. It is not blooming yet, but when it does I'll report in.

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Funny you mention "Havana Blues". I planted 4 last June and all did very well in their first year but I have seen no sign of life from any of them this spring. I am really disappointed with so many 'no shows' of this same hardy geranium. I planted a couple of 'Lakwijk Star' at the same time last summer and both of them have come back this spring.

In any event I am know looking into "Azure Rush" as a possible replacement for HB.

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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

Rouge21, don't give up on your 'Havana Blues' just yet. I recall from reading your previous posts that you are at least a few weeks behind me here in terms of spring plant development. Some of my 'Rozanne' in shady, cooler nooks around my garden are just barely sprouting tiny leaves right now. For some reason, I think all of the Rozanne-complex geraniums are late risers in the spring and need to establish in the garden at least 1-2 years before really showing what they are capable of.

In contrast, my clumps of Geranium wlassovianum and 'Tiny Monster' have been up and growing for weeks.

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You were right ispahan i.e 3 of the 4 HB did poke through not long after your post. You are more patient than I.

(My second year "Bronze Peacock" just poked through the ground on this past weekend!)

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

rouge, how are the havana blues looking? I just noticed that a local mailorder nursery has just started listing azure rush as in stock, which brought me back to this thread...

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'funn', none have bloomed but all are growing vigorously. (Just today i got my first bloom on my 4 year old Rozanne).

HB are definitely not compact. In fact they do not grow upwards at all but grow close to the ground spreading outwards...almost like a messy ground cover. The question is how much smaller of a spread it has relative to Rozanne.

I will post a post a picture or two once it has a significant number of flowers.

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