Lopper handles and hoes

waiting_gwSeptember 2, 2012

I have several loppers in need of handle replacement. Anyone know of a source for handles? They don't have to be exact fit.

I'm also looking for a good hoe. One where the blade's shank is welded to the metal cup that slides onto the handle, not one of those "for decoration only" hoes where the shank goes into the handle and is covered with a plastic sleeve.



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"t'would seem to me--if you patronised a good, real, hardware store, like the one run by an old-fashioned guy, 3 blocks off the main drag--you could probably find the sort of tools you seek!
The modern "big-box stores" are mainly interested in selling you something made by foreigners, in far distant lands, where they have to wade to work! So, with the public being taught how to save money by buying that foreign junk, that old geezer sits and watches everybody rush off to HD., while the really good stuff sets in his store, not attracting any attention! JMHO: RustyJ
P.S: In our area, we have a very good real hardware store that has a great assortment of good things for sale, as well as land taxes, license fees, on and on. Folks in the know go there. Folks looking for a bargain, go to Lowe's, or home depot. RJ

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Agree with Rusty...my local home grown hardware store has all American made tools...and they are great! You pay a little more, true...but in the long run its cheaper because you don't have to constantly replace them.

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dmullen(Southern CA)

What brands are your loppers? I recently had to replace a very large Corona lopper handle and they had them in stock. Lopper now is good as new. I imagine that most major brands would have similar parts departments.

Before thinking about calling Corona (a few years ago, they did not have that handle), I did an ebay search and found a lot of handles but none that would fit. You might see something there that might fit.

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The best hoes I've ever had are Pro Hoes or Rogue Hoes. They're expensive as hell - expect to spend nearly $50 by the time you pay shipping. Link to web site is below. Check both the garden hoes and the farm hoes - I like the way the farm hoes are constructed. I have no connection with the companies.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tough Hoes

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Thanks, dmullen, I will check ebay.

My loppers are all old, 50 years or more, passed down by my grandmother. Any replacement handle I could find these days would have to be fitted. Still, that's better than starting off with a 2x4.

And twelvegauge, I will check out those hoes. I don't mind paying more for US-made goods, I only wish there were more of them to pay more for.

As far as shopping at "a good, real, hardware store, like the one run by an old-fashioned guy, 3 blocks off the main drag", were I not old enough to have actually been in such places, I would figure they were just more myths some old guy made up, like unicorns, elves, and US-made goods.

But I live in California. In 2012. If you are fortunate enough to have a locally owned and operated anything - hamburger stand, greasy-spoon restaurant, or hardware store cherish it. They only exist in nostalgic memories here.


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Unicorns and elves are myths? Don't you DARE say a word about Santa Claus. By the way, Rogue hoes are hell for stout. I think twelvegauge meant to say FIELD hoes, not farm hoes. I have a field hoe, and it weighs nearly 5 lbs. (they have lighter ones) and I can chop through a 1" root with one blow. It came to me razor sharp - literally. Get a Accusharp Garden sharpener to keep it that way.

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