Scotts 2048

messmakerMay 29, 2007

Does anyone know what the nearest JD model is to this one? I am trying to match up some parts.I understand the G100 was close to the next larger model.

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HerringboneD28(z7 Central AR)

That kinda depends on which 2048 you have. The S2048 (1999 & 2000) and the S2348 in 2001 are very similar to the S2554 (largest model.) In 2002 it became the L2048 with the new body style and Briggs engine. I believe the G100 came along in 2003 when the Scotts turned green & yellow. What parts are you looking for?

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The 2002 Scotts L2048 is mechanically a twin to the 2003-2004 JD L120. They both used a 20hp Briggs V-twin. The only difference in the 2005 JD L120 is that it used a 22hp Briggs V-twin. I used a Scotts L2048 for most of 3 mowing seasons, 200+ hrs, had good service from it. The L2048 had a new list price of $1999. Hope this helps.

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It is a 2000 model S2048. It does not seem quite the same as the 120. It has a Kohler 20hp motor. It has a TuffTorq K62 tranny.

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HerringboneD28(z7 Central AR)

In that case it is more like an older moder JD GT262. I have an S2048 also and consider it to be a great machine - old school Deere and the K62 has been very strong.

If you are looking for parts, I think you can still lookup the parts breakdown (with drawings) on the JD website. Let me know if you have trouble finding the link.

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Happy New Year to All!
I have a Scotts S2048 Yard and Garden tractor. I am trying to figure out what JD snowblower will fit it. In other words what frame and lifting mech is similar to the Scotts S2048.

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LX 176/178/186/188 and GT275. All had hydro twin touch pedals and very simular frames. The GT275 is the only one with a large hydro and bolt on rear wheels. The newer GT200's like the 225-245, have a sim frame and deck attach system, with bolt on rear wheels to the GT275. I am in Texas and don't deal with blowers so I don't know for sure but would think the same blower would fit all of these GT's.

JD even built a version for Honda. It was red and silver with a diff hood, dash, seat, and a Honda V-Twin engine. Same 38 deck/ hydro with twin touch pedals as JD LX176-188 series. The one I saw was priced at about $4999.00. I am thinking this is the only model they made. The Honda dealer didn't want to admit it was basically a deere product. But when I told him I was a deere tech, he admitted it was a deere chassis. I was there applying for a job, lol..

The GT 242/262 is a manual shift trans with basically the same frame.

None of the GT 200's had a Kohler Command Twin from the factory. Only the Sabre/Scotts, did.

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Hi Bob,

You might try Bercomac. I'm considering one of these, myself. Their blowers fit a wide range of Deere products. Although no model year is provided, Berco recommend the "Deluxe" model for the JD GT, GX, and LX series tractors - which backs up what Deeredoc just wrote about them being similar.

Good luck

Here is a link that might be useful: Bercomac blowers

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S2048 was Built on the same frame that became the L120/L130 frame The last year of Scott and Sabre production was on the Current L and LA frames with the exception of the Scotts GT2554 or the Sabre 2554 which was still the GT275 frame the G100 was also on the GT275 frame. The G110 and the S2048 and L120/L130 share the same frame. Parts are still avaliable for the S2048 and for bob-s question a snow blower is still avaliable from Deere for your tractor. Bring your seriel Number with you as well as model number when you go to the Deere dealer.

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whoop's the frame for the s2048 was the same frame as the S2554

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The L2048 is more like the 125/135 and LA's. The Sabre 17.542HS is more like the L110. The Scotts L1742 is more like the 102. In 06' it started getting hard to keep up with them changing up things on all the models.

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Having problem. My L2048 was mowing along and the PTO just stopped mowing. It is the electric PTO. Have not a clue what I need to look for or figure out. Anyone?

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The Scotts S2048 lawn tractor is a John Deere Sabre model 2048HV. It has been refered to as a green and silver John Deere. (The wheels were silver. Not yellow.) Parts for both tractors are identical and can be ordered through the John Deere web site. It also refers you to the nearest John Deere service center that carries the parts.

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