Wedgwood Rose and English Garden

corgitrblMay 15, 2012

Usually I prune English Garden into a shrub. Last year I decided to let it alone. The habit is very arching. Should it be pegged or what kind of trellis would this one work on. It seems a little fraile to let it just arch; although it looks great that way.

Also I have read that the Wedgwood Rose would also sprawl on the ground. Should I order this; will it need to be tied to a trellis, wall, etc? What else does the Wedgwood need. I am wanting two of these possible wedding of daughter in future. Would you just suggest another rose?

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I grow The Wedgewood Rose, planted one year ago. It's not matured yet, still short, so I'm not sure what its eventual size will be. It did show signs of good repeat bloom its first season. The blooms are lovely, but the fragrance is not special, it's kind of a musky blend, moderate in intensity.

Mortimer Sackler is a lovely rose, with a graceful, arching habit; it reminds me of a Noisette. It has a lovely, sweet fragrance.

James Galway is a large Austin that I grow as a free-standing shrub. The blooms are beautiful with a sweet scent. It's vigorous, it's about 6 feet tall and 5 feet wide.

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