Best gas leaf blower?

robarSeptember 24, 2013

Can anyone recommend a good gas powered leaf blower? Is Makita any good? Any comments will be appreciated.

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I had a different 2 cycle leaf blower that lasted two season and never was easy to start. I tried to manually rake the yard the next season and that definitely was not the way to go.

I ended up purchasing a Makita Leaf Blower BHX2500 leaf blower. I have had it for about six years and never have had a problem. In the spring I go out, pump the primer bulb until there are no bubbles in the lines, pull the rope about twice on full choke, put it to half and it starts on the next pull. (Per the manufacturers instructions.)

The BHX2500 is a 4 cycle engine so you don't have to worry about mixing gas, or the gas going bad and clogging up the fuel lines.

Before move the blower in the shed I check the oil before each use and wipe the exterior as necessary. Each spring I change the oil and check the filters.

There are two negatives with the blower. One the manual is written in Japanese-English and is difficult to understand.
Two, you must be careful, when you are blowing the spiderwebs from the porch ceiling, that you do not get the motor upside down. It is a 4 cycle engine and upside down the oil runs into the cylinder. There is a lot of smoke.

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Untreated ethanol laced gas CAN go bad in as little as 30 days; maybe even quicker if subjected to lots of air as the ethanol attracts moisture.

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I would check out some sites and look around for reviews. This site, Leaf Blowers Direct has a lot of reviews and ratings, which helped me a lot.

Here is a link that might be useful: Best Gas Leaf Blowers

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Muhammad Danish Sultan

In my opinion Hitachi RB24EAP is the best gas leaf blower. It is a 2-stroke powerful blower with air speed average of 165 Miles per hours. It's motor runs at 1.13 HP with a negligible weight of less than 8 pounds. Many websites has recommended this blower as a number one gas powered blower.

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I pick one last night thanks posting.

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