what kind of trees have the noninvasive root?

cutiespalaceMarch 25, 2009

Hello, everyone,

I purchased the Mimosa Tree before I read that they have invasive roots that could ruin the water pipes under ground. What kind of tree do you recommend me to plant near or around the sprinkler system? Any help would be greatly appreciate it!!!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

how old is the outdoor plumbing ...

newer plastic construction should NOT be all that big a problem ... in your lifetime ....

older adobe-type piping is the real problem ????

and how big is your property .... do you have to plant right on top of it all????


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While they can develop some significant surface roots as they age, mimosas are not known for having an invasive root system with regards to water sources, although they do have some other drawbacks. I agree with Ken, if your underground plumbing and irrigation system is in good repair, you don't have much to worry about. For obvious reasons, trees are often planted adjacent or close to irrigation systems and generally, without concern. Trees that are more inclined to seek out and invade water sources are any of the Populus species (cottonwoods, poplars, aspens), willows, American elms and a few maples. These need a BIG yard with plenty of room well away from foundations, underground plumbing and any septic systems.

I believe there is a lot of confusion about tree roots and their so-called 'invasiveness'. Tree roots spread. It is what they were designed by nature to do, in order to provide the tree with sufficient moisture and nutrients. For a large shade tree under normal soil conditions, it is not uncommon for the root system to be 2-3 times the diameter of the tree canopy. And the bulk of the root system will be located right below the soil surface. With many fast growing trees, like the mimosa, there is also a greater tendency to produce large surface roots which can make mowing around them an issue as well as the potential for cracking or lifting paved surfaces like walkways or driveways. In time, many slower growing trees will develop a lot of surface roots as well.

But with few exceptions - like those noted above - tree roots will not damage existing structures or plumbing if those items are in good repair. If they are already damaged or cracked, the roots of any tree type could be inclined to invade or cause problems.

It is always prudent to plant any tree a sufficient distance away from the house or other structure or walkways and driveways and not directly above underground utilities just to avoid conflicts or potential issues down the road.

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Thank you so very much for your answers! Ken and Gardengal48. I truly appreciate it!!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

let me rephrase it this way ...

if your pipes leak .. ALL trees will find the leak.. and invade the system ...

old sewage pipes leak ... newer sealed PVC systems are near impregnable ... no tree will cause a break.. they will just take advantage ...

and this has nothing to do with septic fields... never plnat anything close to them ...


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