What are the most shade tolerant roses for Central Texas?

kutekaosMay 6, 2013

What are the most shade tolerant David Austin roses or climbing roses for my zone? I already have MME Isaac Pierre, Graham Thomas, Abraham Darby, Claire rose, Zephirine Drouhin, Lavender Lassie, Mrs. B. R. Cant, Mons Tillier, Kordes Perfecta, I'm sure that I could think of others. Anyways, I would really like a climbing rose or a shrub that could be trained to climb. I like the big old fashioned blooms like Kaiserin Fredrich, ect. My spot only gets about three hours of morning sun and it's in the front of my house. I have room for about three to four shade tolerant roses. Ideally, I would like extreme rebloom and crazy scent but I realize that probably won't happen in about 3 hours of sun. I only name the above roses that I own because I'm not sure how shade tolerant they really are. (I own a lot more, I'm a new rose nut!)

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alameda/zone 8

I live in East Texas. One I can recommend is Blush Noisette. It is on a pillar in front of my horse barn and although it does get some morning sun, it is not ever in full sun. It forms a graceful pillar and right now, it is full of buds that have a lovely sweet scent. Natichitoches Noisette is another that is a shrub form and in mostly shade and it blooms well. Coral Beauty gets fairly good afternoon sun but it borders some huge oaks and doesnt get the required 6 hours and is in full bloom now. The hybrid musks and noisettes seem to bloom well without the all day sun.

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Awesome!!! Blush noisette is very pretty, what do you think about Eden, Alister Stella Gray, Benjamin Britten or Crown Princess Margareta?

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alameda/zone 8

Dont have Eden. I grew Benjamin Britten a long time ago - I think it needed more sun - grew octopus arms and didnt bloom that much - dug it up and potted it, it must have died and I didnt replace it. I have tried 2 Alister Stella Grays - they were both teeny tiny plants and didnt thrive, but I hope to get a bigger plant and try it - heard good things. I have a Crown Princess Margareta - ordere last year, potted for awhile, planted in the fall. Its growing well, am seeing a couple of blooms. So far....I like it.

Re Austins - new for me this year are England's Rose - it was a new bareroot and just simply covered with pretty candy pink blooms! Wollerton Old Hall hasnt bloomed yet but covered in healthy buds and lots of them. Fighting Temerarie is just starting to open - lovely apricot - very healthy. Abe Darby is a real favorite, got another of those this year - covered in buds. Darcey Bussell just started blooming - lovely! Princess Alexandra of Kent has alot of buds - bush isnt as big as Wollerton Old Hall, Fighting Temerarie, Darcey Bussell or Abe Darby, but healthy and coming on. Princess Anne is growing well, no buds yet.

I love the noisettes - ordered a bunch of rare ones from Vintage Gardens - looking forward to getting them to big plants in pots then planting them in the ground - preserving these that wont be available after the Vintage closing.

There are so many roses that do well in Texas [be sure and mulch well during heat of summer!] that you shouldnt have a problem finding more than you have room to plant. I have a huge pot ghetto.......and have plans for about 5 more raised beds to hold more. Have fun!!

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Ha, I have collected about 50 roses since January. SOoo, Since Abe Darby is a favorite of yours, what do you think about putting him in shade for about 3-4 hours? The Wollerton Old Hall, I just looked it up, what a lovely rose! Darcey Bussell too.

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