stihl 041 farm boss

burngogiSeptember 21, 2013

started it for first time this year ran about 45 seconds then I shut it off. cleaned andbar and chain saw. refilled bar oiler and lubed chain with DuPont Teflon spray lube and udjusted the chain.went to start and the rope got violently pull out of my hand?

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Itsa farm Boss So Whatsya Problemo !

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Just for grins, pull the plug and pull the starter through a few times, If the Plug is OK , put it back in and try.. There is a plastic clutch dog in there that is 35 yrs old and other stuff too My FB is still on its original ignition set. I am on the 3rd dog. It is a 10 $ part. I'm just guessing. Mine has always started or at least popped by the 5th pull. . I bought mine back in '77. About the same time, my picked up a returned Sears saw ( Poulan) for about 25 % of what I paid for the FB He still has it . It is his trimmer. Just as reliable . My last job was replacing the string. It needs a new gas line, not the cobbled together stuff on there. After 35 yrs , its due.

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will follow up thanks

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left it sit with fresh gas few days and berrysman carb cleaner pulled 3 times no ripping cord out of my hand and started up and has run well except won't idle to long time for utube and idle adjustment

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Great to see you took Andy's advice and replaced the recoil clutch Dog !

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Try turning the low adjuster in a little, maybe 1/8 to 1/4 turn. If better leave it ,if worse open it a little more than it was. Steve

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andyman, Did you get the Little 16 -18â Poulan S25 in the mid/late 70s? It was and still is a Super Saw for my use. I have never had or wanted anything larger even though I cut some large wood (12 " - 30â dia when needed âÂÂBack ThenâÂÂ). I have had the saw in three Versions/Colors but all S25s. Original Green then Gold marked Poulan, later Red marked Craftsman with electronic ignition. Backups to the original that lost a wrist pin keeper that ruined the cylinder. I wish the monsters had primer bulbs as I use them less in my young age (2-3 pulls vs 5 unless I manually prime). LOL

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I left out that the Poulan is my brother's. I'm a hack compared to him.

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Loger: Yep thats the vintage Poulan that was considered a REAL Saw , not like the girly saws from offshore that are on the box store shelves today. Its a shame that such a great saw company has been ruined by Junk from China.

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