Lawn sweeper vs. acorns?

nysffMay 29, 2011

I have a fairly heavily wooded property we bought a few years ago. I don't know if last season was a bad year for acorns, but I had quite a crop across the a good part of lawn that was evident during spring clean up this year.

Any experience out there with a pull behind sweeper for my GT picking up acorns? How well do they do at it? I could probably pick up a decent used one on CL for some fall and spring clean up, but if they don't work that well at acorns, probably not worth the purchase since I mulch in the summer and use my Cyclone Rake for leaves.

Also, any comments on brands? Agri-fab, Ohio-steel, Craftsman, etc. Thanks

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the lawn sweeper will pick up acorns if you set the the brushes low enough without dragging the wheels most of the time. Your CR will also suck them up if you set the deck low enough. You can multch them. Agri-fab amd craftsman IMO are the same. Sears may call for different gear ratio's but all and all the exact same unit. I have both and Don't see much difference between the two. I like going over the acorns with my multch plug in and the deck set low. It multches them into the yard and nut blasts my deck clean all at the same time. After I go over my yard I see very few left unchopped. Guess it may depend on what type of grass you got and how low you can cut it.

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