Using safety goggles, not safety glasses, when grinding

baymee(LehighValleyPA)September 8, 2010

Well, I've been doing this for 35 years now and it finally caught up with me.

I was using a cutting wheel on a surface grinder to cut of pillow block bearing off a shaft. I turned the grinder to make a cut and iron sparks bounced off a nearby mounting and right under my safety glasses.

It's nothing new for me; it's happened many times. This time a piece went into the second layer of my cornea and stuck. I waited to go to the doctor figuring it would go away. My eyesight went from excellent to cloudy and I reported into the ER two days later. It had to be drilled out and will leave a scar, but not in my line of sight. It's been almost a week and I still can't see clearly, but it's clearing up.

I bought a pair of goggles for unpredictable grinding work. I realize now that I'd rather loose a foot than my eye.

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I agree that goggles are much better than safety glasses,
but I have never found a pair that doesn't fog up on me.
So, I went to a welding supply place and bought a clear,
full face shield, which works great and I believe is even
better than the goggles in that it protects the entire
face from something as bad as a cut-off wheel breaking
apart and sending pieces in all directions, at speeds
fast enough to penetrate the human skull.

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canguy(British Columbia)

I am not a fan of face shields. I find they tend to fog up and debris has a way of sneaking under them although I was darn grateful for one when a grinding disc exploded. My own fault, I was using it as a cut off.

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I think we all get complacient doing grinding. Most cut-0ff tools you buy now either elect. or air driven have half moon covers to divert the sparks away from you and those trigger locks. The problem is most of use get complacient and remove this covers and trigger lock cause it's alway's in the road, takes too much time to adjust, and covers up you line of site. We also get complacient and think safety glasses is enough?

I know from now on I will be more thoughtful when using grinding wheels and remember covers and face shields will be used. Sorry you had bad day and I THANK you for the reminder so the rest of us hopefully don't have to go through your odeal..

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Bay: Sorry to hear about your injury . I personally use a face shield ( Anti Fog Solution) with my Bench Grinder and cup goggles when using the Disc Grinder . Have had a few incidents but have not been injured fortunately . Hope your eye heals 100% without any lasting issues. Thanx for taking the Time to reminds us all of the Proper use of Safety Equipment , All the Best Bro ! :) .

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I learned this tip over 25 years ago. Surgeons found that if you take regular dishwashing liquid soap and apply it to your glasses and wipe them with a napkin until the soap is removed, that they won't fog up.

It works. Anti fog is a newer way to accomplish the same thing.

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When I was 16 I was using a grinder under my truck and got some junk in my eye. The doctor didn't even have to use dye, he just looked for the rust spots on my cornea and got out a magnet to remove the sliver(s).

Amazing I worked in the automotive industry for close to 25 years and never had any eye injuries.

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Bay: lol did the same with my Snowmobile Visor back in the 70's when I was Racing . Cheap solution that does work :)
Punisher: The worst that I experienced was when I was working during my Apprenticeship as a Stem-Fitter and my Welder in a rush prior to clean up was finishing a few welds when he attempted to chip the Slag of the last Weld he flipped up his welding helmet instead of just flipping the darkening fixed lens shade ... of course a chunk of hot slag stuck to (fortunately) only the white of his eye. Reluctantly I flicked it out with my finger nail prior to the Welding Foreman showing up to transport him to 1st Aid Station (Medical Department). Things (accidents)always seemed to happen late Friday Afternoons , when attention spans were elsewhere . Fortunately my less the Sterile Foreign Body Removal did not worsen his condition and he wore a eye patch for the weekend and all was well . Welding Burns have to be the worst had numerous wrist and forearm burns during that Apprenticeship lol !

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"Welding Burns have to be the worst" You mean like when I was trying to TIG stainless and a molten blob fell down and went behind the tongue of my shoe and became part of my ankle.


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Yep that would be the One Bay ! Thats why all the Welder and Iron-workers had their pants rolled over their Safety Boots or wore chaps lol . I remember one Burly Iron-worker lying on the floor cutting a section of Girder for Sectional Support with a Oxy/Acetylene Torch when a spark flew into to his ear. Talk about one upset Dude lol .

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