how to remove old gas?

mtnarcherMay 16, 2007

I now have 3 vehicles that have really old gas in them. I just picked up a mtd rear tine tiller and little Murray LT both for $200. They are only about 6 years old, but gas is about 4 years old in them. Also my own little trail bike has about 8 year old gas in it. How long would stabil last before it eventually goes bad?

What is the best way to remove old gas/varnish from tank lines, and carb???

Thanks for your help!

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Hello mtnarcher

The fast method. Drain the fuel from the tank. Add some fresh fuel. Prime the engine with about 1/2 teaspoon of fresh fuel - I use a small squirt bottle. Start the engine to see if it runs. If it does not run - see the next method.

The best method. Remove the tank, carb and fuel hose. Clean the tank interior with carburetor spray. Replace rubber fuel lines and old fuel filters. Disassemble the carburetor for cleaning. Put everything together. Use fresh fuel treated with fuel stablizer. Make sure your spare fuel can is clean and always use fuel stabilizer.

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A turkey baster will suck stale fuel out of your tank. Then add
fresh from the pump gas.

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I save all the old gas from the units I repair and mix it with some fresh gas and use it in my riding mowers. At 3 gallons to mow my yard, I'll use anything.

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gas is good for approx: 30 day's before it starts breaking down...drain the old, put in new ( a little high octance won"r hurt), change fuel filter, buy some marvel mystery oil, change ya oil with whatever brand ya use, put 1/2 quart of MMO into gas and oil, change ya plug and let that baby rip...

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"a little high octance won"r hurt"

True, but it also won't help either, unless your engine requires it due to knocking caused by high compression. If you can get the engine to start just run it until empty and then refill with fresh. If you can't get it to run, buy a can of carb cleaner and go after the carb first. I doubt the lines would be bad enough to restrict flow, but if they are just replace, hose is cheap.

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Beings I'm out there when it come to pre-ventive maintenance and I don't like doing things twice I'd drain the carb, hoses, blow through the hoses, swab the tank with paper towels on a stick. change the filter of course and change the oil. Now to prime the engine for starting I would remove the spark plug, clean, check gap, and spray some carb cleaner into the hole motor the engine over to blow out excess. Put the plug back in give a one second burst down the carb. venturi and fire it off. It may take several priming in the carb. to get all the air out of the fuel system. Now you can usually mow all you want without the worry of going 10 feet and it dieing.

For the naysayers that are too young to remember how to clean carbs when they were on cars that say "don't use carb. cleaner" Read on the can "that's what they make the stuff for. But, if you think it will ruin you engine "buy o means DON"T do it. I got a 37 year old tiller and I do this to it every year I want to start it. I also do it on every piece of non-computer controlled equipment I own and I have had NO engine failures yet "EVER"

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"1/2 a QT of MMO might be added to a 5 gal container of fuel MAYBE",and that seems to be overdoin it.,but what do I know?Only been wrenching bout 55 years.

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well tom k de ya got me! I started wrenchin back in 63 (1963) on the ole 55 chevy's..MMO didn't exist back then..tell ya bout a comprimise...1/2 to five gallons of gas and 1/2 into the oil...not overkill any more and just might clean up the act...but still change the filters and oil along with a new plug..why clean the old one..only another 2 bucks..

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meant 1/2 pint..forgot the pint word...old timer disease..

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I started wrenchin back in 63 (1963) on the ole 55 chevy's..MMO didn't exist back then

Vehicles of the post WWI era encountered carburetor problems, the most perplexing being clogged jets due to high lead content and other contaminants found in the gasoline of the time. The problem motivated Mr. Pierce to direct his creative ingenuity towards formulating a blend of chemicals and petroleum products to clean and maintain clogged jets. He was successful beyond his wildest expectations and the legend was born!

Here is a link that might be useful: MARVEL MYSTERY OIL HISTORY

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well mikiez9...ya got me...guess I either didn't hang with the right monkey's back then or I didn't look on the shelves long enough...personally I found it out in 67 when workin on my "sunbeam tiger."

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Hey, thanks for all of the help. I am anxious to fire up my new toys. I did not need or want the little LT, but he insisted it was a package deal, basicially free. It has not been used that much, so should make a nice mower for me or someone when I get her cleaned up and running. It is a Murray, made for Country General, called Lawn General. 14HP Tecumseh with 38" deck.

thanks again.

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Mtnarcher, send that old gas to me, please. My '67 F100 doesn't know that gas goes bad. I've run some 10 YO stuff thru it & it just purrs. 'Course I didn't run straight 10 YO gas; 'bout 5 gallons with 10 or so of current & it was fine. Ran out once when I was in the boonies & scrounged some diesel & it got me 15 miles to the gas station.

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billnav(z5 OH)

Good ideas about removal (turkey baster et al). If you google about treating (reconditioning) old gas you'll find they recommend sending it through a coffee filter to get rid of the inevitable sediment. Outside of that, mixing with fresh gas at a 1 part old to 5 parts fresh ratio and you're good to go.

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after 8 years be prepared to take the carb apart to clean all the passages

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I had some old gas that left a resadue of varnish on the inside of the tank. Is there a additive to scarrow the tank? I have been changing the fuel filters and had the tank filtered. I seem to get the varnish substance when I am in heaverier seas that really mix up the gasoline in the tank.

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