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agray132(Z5 NV)March 17, 2014

There are no nurseries in my town. I was wonderin if anyone could provide reputable online tree nurseries that are willing to ship. Also has anyone heard of or experienced anything good or bad about Supposedly they restructured recently and I've heard some positive.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

there are hundreds of them ...

you might get further.. if you tell us what kind of trees you are looking for ...

i have no experience with FGT .... seem to think i have not heard much good ... but i would NEVER plant a tree.. that claims to grow fast ...

fast to grow.. fast to bugs.. fast to disease.. fast to breaking.. fast to die.. of course.. all in tree years .... wherein fast can mean decades ...

you would be better off.. ID'ing a goal ... and asking for advice as to good plants to accomplish such ... rather than this shotgun approach.. IMHO .... though your rather unique location will limit the responses ...

if you have absolutely no clue as to trees ... i would suggest a call to your COUNTY agricultural extension office.. i am sure they can give you lists of stuff favorable to your specific county ....


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arktrees(6b NW Arkansas)

I personally would not touch FGT. While I have no personal experience with them, many of the trees they list can be very suspect for various reasons. As Ken indicated, what traits are you looking for, where are you located (area not specific location), some info about your climate, and there will be people help you make good choices, and with proper planting and care so that you get healthy trees for you to enjoy.


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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

There's some disagreement here on GW - but here are some that are almost certainly better than FGT. Also avoid Tyty or anything affiliated with them. Here are some I've either used or heard good things about:

Sooner Plant Farm
Whitman Farms
Nearly Native Nurseries

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agray132(Z5 NV)

I already know what trees will work and not work here. At this time I'm looking at two crabapple's either prairie fire or Robinson and the third tree will be a thornless honeylocust or maybe a golden rain tree. I've looked at Sooners which I like but they want about $50 a tree plus just about $50 to ship it. Maybe that's a good deal, Idk, but the shipping seems steep. Any places you can steer me to would be great. I've looked on garden watchdog and looked up about 15 nurseries and most of those either don't ship or they don't have the trees I want.

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