Craftsman riding mower deck issues

thupp06May 5, 2013

I have a Craftsman riding mower, not sure right off what the model number is, but we have replaced the spindles and pulleys on the deck several times and we don't get but maybe 2 good swafts of the yard mowed and the spindles go out again. Any ideas of what we might need to check to fix this problem???? We have a Cub Cadet also but I despise that thing and refuse to use it, lol. I want my Craftsman fixed!!!!!!!

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What do you mean "the spindles go out again " ?

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Sorry just got your question! After my husband replaces the spindles and gets everything put back together and starts to mow the yard with it, the spindles round out on the insides or whatever it is (lol, I'm not very mechanical!) Does the same thing it did to begin with (hence, the reason for putting new spindles on it). We replaced the spindles I think 3-4 times last year alone and never got the yard mowed completely with it once.

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I think you ought to get professional help! Those spindle nuts can't be tightened enough using a crescent wrench, or pliers! You need an air powered wrench to tighten them, or a long box wrench, and a hard pull on it!
I say the words above, because it sounds like he isn't getting the nuts tight enough!
If folks ask me-i tell them:"Tight, plus a quarter turn!"
HTH: Rusty Jones

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ok thanks for the advice!

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My best advise is to use the OEM parts and watch the tightening of top nut. Me, I can zip them on w/ an impact all day and be fine. If they are over tightened typically the top bearing will fail and it may hog the pulley out. If they are under tightened- they will eventually chew out the spline. Auto parts stores will have loaner torque wrenches or a basic beam style wrench is available for cheap. You are looking for about 60 foot pounds.

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