Craftsman Trimmer....Carb Adj. Screws...No Slots??

brit101(Z3 Que.)September 29, 2006

My friends carb adj. screws on his Craftsman trimmer do not have slots for a screwdriver blade for adjusting, but splined sides. Top is smooth, but the sides have splines, which make me think they take a special tool to fit over the head, female like for lack of a better term.

Am I correct or are they caps? Any of you have experience to share. Sorry no mod.# but it is a straight shaft model, with green shroud.(yes know it isn't much of a help but all I have.)

Thank you in advance for your replies.

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Those caps are on there to keep home mechanics from adjusting the carburetor, which will ruin the settings for emissions control! They can be removed, but, if you take it in for repairs that you can't handle, the shop will charge you for re-installing the caps, so i was informed. I think they might have hidden slots under the caps, maybe-maybe not! And, they might have a special tool for that, but i don't know about that.

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the newer carb adjusting screws take a special tool to adjust the mixture needles...this tool is only avaialble to service centers

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I just use red electrical butt connecters, which fit on
snugly and can adjust it that way.


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